How to get a human at Google to review our Adwords account?

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I've spent a good few hours looking at WarriorForum, and yet I'm still not sure if this is the right forum for this query - I'm new and this is my first post! If not here, where should I have put this post?

We've concluded, see reasons below, that our abysmal Quality Scores can only mean Google's computer system has penalized our unique site for some unknown reason. Which means we need a real human at Google to review our site and account to correct the computer's abysmal rating and rectify the problem.

Can anyone advise us as to how we might persuade Google to get a real human to review the negative score their computer has mistakenly given our account and our site? All suggestions very welcome...

1. Our site
Our site is one of a kind - we offer a unique solution to the very common problems of stress and self-sabotage. It has all new content written by us and us alone, no pages duplicated from any other web-site. Apart from landing pages variations tailored to individual adgroups, there's no repetition. We're not an affiliate site, nor do we have any affiliates. Our adgroups are narrowly focussed. Our landing pages are tailored to our ads which are tailored to our keywords.

There are around twenty unique pages, all addressing one or more aspects of the problems of self-sabotage and stress. Google's webmaster now correctly lists most of our pages, for which we used sitemap.xml and robots.txt. Our articles have been published by SelfGrowth, ezine and Articlesbase etc. We're listed in several directories.

Google consistently rates our Landing Page and our Load Time as no problems. It also rates our keywords as no problems in green, apart from when it has chopped that keyword's Quality Score to 3/10,.

2. History
We've had a Google Adwords account for over 18 months now. Initially our Search Quality Scores were 6 or 7/10, while we were going thru the considerable learning curve.

About six months ago, when we'd done a lot of work on our website, we restarted our Adwords PPC campaigns on the search network only. And found that our Quality Scores are now 3 or 4 with the occasional 5. We're current running a CTR of around 1.5%, one keyword with QS of 3/10 has a CTR of 13.33%!

All the while, we've been running a split test on two adverts, deleting the one that gives less clicks, and our current pair have a combined CTR of 0.99%. The deleted adverts were obviously less productive.

3. Increasing our bid decreased our Quality Score!
In January, I had one keyword for which Google reporting that my bid was below FPB of $0.40 despite an okay CTR. So I increased my bid, and Google then "rewarded" us by decreasing the Quality Score! So I had done as the Google system suggested -- and then their computer retaliated!

4. Our worse than useless experience at Adwords Support
I have contacted Google support, and the person assigned to "support" us - Deepa - is either simply confused, or inexperienced as well as incompetent. I initially even thought that his answers might be coming from a computer system...

I have several times asked him why he only talks about changing the adgroup when I'm asking about improving my selected keywords' quality scores. His answer is:

"note that (these two questions) are the same, and my answer is the solution to your issue - to refine your keywords list, which is the only solution for the issue you are facing."

But I need a solution to the far wider problem of why our Quality Score ratings are so poor, so I'm not focussing on changes to the adgroup. When I add a new keyword, it initially comes up with a Quality Score of 7/10, and then a few hours later, it's chopped to 3 or 4/10 without even any impressions!

I have asked him to get us a manual review of our site and our account many times. But he refuses to do so, answering that he's sure that:

"the Google system has not made a mistake, and the rating it has given to your keywords and ads is right."

5. Our conclusion
We've concluded that our abysmal Quality Scores suggest that Google's computer system has penalized our unique site for some unknown reason.

So can anyone suggest how to get a real human at Google to review our site, and our account to see why we've been penalized in this fashion, and to rectify the problem.
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    OK first google would not be placing a penalty just for fun or because its your site.

    There was mention of ad groups, these may be out and or contain the wrong ads , wrong keys, wrong land pages so there is a myriad of things that could be wrong there.

    adding keys then seeing them drop in ways normal where a key will bounce, this will usually be within the first hour, usually sooner than later so that is normal in these cases.

    next your site has or at best could i say could use some more support pages they would include

    about us
    site map ? you mentioned you had this ?

    my guess is (on the surface) a few of those pages and a full revamp of your campaign might work a treat

    you mention you did a lot of work and thats where it went pear shaped from there so, it probably is the balance you had was shifted causing your now problems.


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    Its very simple: Google gives accounts a bad QS because CTR + BID isnt up to par with other sites competing for these keywords. IMO, QS = potential profit earnings for Google, nothing else.

    Any questions just let me know

    Read my incredible story:
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      Originally Posted by badboy_Nick View Post


      Its very simple: Google gives accounts a bad QS because CTR + BID isnt up to par with other sites competing for these keywords. IMO, QS = potential profit earnings for Google, nothing else.

      Any questions just let me know

      Not only do I second this...but am very happy to see others who are actually in understand of this.

      Simple economics. Google doesn't need you anymore, they're powerful enough to get much more per click from bigger and more serious advertisers. Don't be fooled by the whole "we care about the quality of our content" bull****.

      Stab in the back? At the risk of sounding like Sarah betcha.
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    Hi Cris.

    First, the system does not penalize sites unless they break one or more of their policies and guidelines.

    Next, your keywords must be relevant. This means that normally, the keywords you choose must be on your landing page.

    Then, it would be a good idea to put keywords in related groups. From what you say, you are doing that. However, having managed many client campaigns, I know that people's idea of tightly focused keywords is somewhat skewed. It appears that this is what the Google rep is trying to convey.

    Lastly, most of QS is click rate compared to what others using the keyword have historically done. A QS of 8-10 (old Great rating) means you are better than most, 5-7 is average while below five is poor. Note that if your keywords are deemed irrelevant, your QS cannot be above 7 because keyword relevancy accounts for about 25% of the score.

    So if your keywords are relevant, the way to increase QS is to increase CTR. It has nothing to do with your bids, despite what the cynics say. QS is Google's way to tell you to increase your quality, ie: your click rate. That's what they want because higher click rates means more money for them, not you increasing your bids. There's more details about QS here.
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