How To Generate Traffic That Can Convert Into Clicks With Adsense Account

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Hello Warriors,
I had a problem getting clicks to my adsense account and I have even purchased traffic to it and it cannot convert to clicks.

What would you advice me to do?

Is there any thing i could do to generate clicks to that account?

Can I use any method that will not get my account banned that you can suggest to me?

Anticipating your replies soonest.

Thank you all for your wonderful support

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    I am not exactly sure how to generate clicks, but LeadImpact can deliver targeted traffic to your website/blog that may lead to clicks. We can deliver traffic to your niche based on keywords or even URL's. It sounds like the more specific the better in your case.

    You mentioned buying traffic...what sources did you try?
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      Iam interested LeadImpact. How do I go about it?
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        Originally Posted by elpis View Post

        Iam interested LeadImpact. How do I go about it?
        You can actually just go to and sign up as a new advertiser.
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    When you say that you "had a problem getting clicks to my adsense account" are you saying the click through rate (CTR) is lower that you expected?

    Or are you saying you are having trouble getting traffic?

    There are a few things you can do to improve your CTR such as
    1. selecting the right ad format that matches your site
    2. placing your Google ad in the "right" position (see Google heatmap)
    3. providing more relevant content
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  • i think you need to do some keyword research if especially are you driving paid traffic to your website. Try to find keywords that are much longer have a decent amount of searches but isnt too competitive (use the google adword keyword tool). Also another point when your doing all this make sure your keywords match the ads that you have written. And when the user lands on your website make sure it has relevant content and the ads showing on your adsense relevant. It's all about user experience just put yourself on their shoes and work from that. Hope that helps you.
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    Another thing to remember is that you should have an adsense ad above the fold. People are super lazy when it comes to browsing online and a lot of the time they won't even scroll down.

    So if you put the add above the fold they will see it right in front of them rather than placing the add at the bottom. This also has to do with what awmi said about the heatmaps.
    I'm hoping to find a ton of people with great advice for my future business ventures. Thanks in Advance!!!
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