Ron Rajan's Content Network Dominator WSO Working for you?

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Hi Folks,

A while back I purchased Ron Rajan's WSO called Content Network Dominator. Ron, if you read this - I thought your WSO was excellent. You delivered it well with great instructional videos.

I followed Ron's instruction to the letter and developed what I felt was a spot on campaign. I launched and it fell flat. Raised the bid and same thing - fell flat. Raised bid again with same result. I sent an email to Ron and his response was:

"quite a few others emailed me about a similar thing happening in their accounts...

it looks like Google has been clamping down quite a bit on the offers that are being promoted on the content network...

if you are using a squeeze page etc, they don't like it as much as they used to.."

and another email from Ron:

"have been exchanging a few emails with Google support...turns out that they are implementing similar rules on the Content network, like Adwords PPC...

one of the big changes is that they are slapping down squeeze pages on the content network....since they feel that it affect their user experience...

So, they are expecting direct access to content with the OPTION of opting in to a squeeze page.."

My question is two fold:

- Have other people who used this WSO with a squeeze page seen the same result I am getting?

- Have any of you (users of this WSO or no) been experiencing this Google slap down on PPC / Content Network ads which click through to a squeeze page?

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    OK, shameless bump. Surely somebody has some thoughts?
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    Anyone else have positive results with Content Network
    I just got it and found this post.
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      Originally Posted by kyhawk2 View Post

      Anyone else have positive results with Content Network
      I just got it and found this post.
      I have been getting great results (as you know )
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    are you using a squeeze page on a fresh domain with no other content on the domain? You need to make sure you have content on the site, have some links going to it and have some pages indexed. Then put up a squeeze page with navigation bar and you should not have a problem.
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