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Hey everybody,
I know that ranking in SERPs is getting tougher and tougher, so I wanted to share with you one of the strategies I use for successfully building backlinks to my sites.
I use this strategy as one of the backlinking strategies for all my sites.
I found that strengthening your backlinks and adding new and fresh content for your site often, can make your site much stronger than just adding direct backlinks.
That 's how I developed this idea. The idea behind this is to "promote the promoters", meaning I am creating links to my backlinks, passing extra link juice and through that my main sites get stronger, much stronger.

1-Open up notepad and save a file called myproject.txt
2-Go to your blog and grab its rss and copy paste it into your myproject.txt file.
If your site is not a blog, you can create an rss feed using for example:
Then grab its rss and copy paste it into your myproject.txt file.
3-Go to your youtube channel and grab its rss and copy paste it into your myproject.txt file
4-Go to all your your social bookmarking profiles grab rss feeds and copy paste it into your myproject.txt file
5-Go to all your article directories and get your rss feeds from your author profiles grab rss feeds and copy paste it into your myproject.txt file
6-Go to your web 2.0 properties (wordpress, blogger etc) and grab rss feeds and copy paste it into your myproject.txt file
7-Go to all your profiles and grab rss feeds and copy paste it into your myproject.txt file
8-Now go to:
9-Start mixing any combination of the rss that you have in your myproject.txt file and create "new" rss feeds grab rss feeds and copy paste it into your myproject.txt file
10-Repeat any number of times until you have a nice list of "new" rss.
11-Go to your favorite RSS submission sites and submit them.

You can do this manually, outsource, use Senuke, or even outsource senuke :-) (I use the last 2 options)
I also use scrapebox for RSS pinging and it works fantastically.

Some of the sites you can manually submit are:

Hope it shed some light in your backlinking strategy.
See you around,

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    Nice, this is really something I need to look into more. It appears these services are starting to mature a little more.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Thanks, i have been doing similar thing lately. Especially thanks for the list of RSS feed directories, its been problem for me to find them.
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    Or just use - it's a whole lot easier. You still have to submit but it's a lot easier to manage.
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    Thanks Dana..

    I have a question for you...

    Should we keep our niches separate when doing this? (meaning really make an effor to have different accounts for every niche on alll platforms).

    And, how often can you submit without getting penalized or downgraded by yahoo or google?


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      Hi Liz,
      Don't worry too much about penalization, what you need to keep in mind always when building backlinks is, backlinks growth should match the quantity of traffic a site has, you probably are asking yourself but what is the rate or formula, noone really knows and is probably changing all the time.
      But you need to understand that when for example a video in youtube gets really popular and everybody starts embedding it in their blogs and linking to it in forums (millions of links are created virally) but the growth rate matches the traffic this video gets, so google will not ban this site right?
      So if your site has little traffic keep it slowly, if your site has more traffic you can push it some more, also making the backlinking growth to look naturally in the eyes of the search engines means to keep building links randommally in different platforms, different anchors, etc.
      Once I built a site that was built for a micro niche kw, very laser targeted with a domain containing ONLY my main keyword, I built the blog in WP, and my blog appeared in #3, I was shocked, I started making sales from amazon straight away, it was some toys for girls, a month before christmas. A week later I said OK, let's go for #1, i built 2 manual links, I swear to G-d, that's it...., the next day my site was gone to place #587 or something, i was devastated, I then did some tricks that I once told in my blog and my site was back but I lost a whole lot of christmas sales....
      So sometimes you just do the google dance no matter what, and sometimes not.
      I am convinced that G's algorithms are somewhat random in nature, so noone can reverse engineer them.

      Ok, now to the niches question:
      When submitting rss, you are asked for categories and tags so you will want to group your rss by subjects or niches in order to also allow to get some traffic from the rss aggregators if they rank for some long tail keyword or something in a place better than your site.

      I hope I answered your question, if not, keep them coming, I am generally here....
      Internet marketing.
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    It's an interesting method and will give it a try. Also thank you for the rss directories.
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      of course you can use any rss of any rss recursively and mix them up, that's what's strengthen them up, in my blog I have a post about this where I show a graph that explains how the sites back each other up.

      Keep me posted on your results
      Internet marketing.
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    This is really great information and its definitely worth a try

    "If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing." -- Benjamin Franklin .

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    nice share tips.. i need more backlink
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      I am glad it helps you guys
      Internet marketing.
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        Originally Posted by moneymakingwiz View Post

        I am glad it helps you guys
        Hi Dana,

        Few Questions:

        1. Each url resulted from post created got its own rss feed?
        2. How do I know the rss feed of my site or my post? Do I just put /feed at the end of url? I am using wordpress.
        3. Is there a software that simply grab or create rss feed of my site(s)?

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    No i think SEO is the best for this where from you can get more and more back links and all things like this.Traffic generation is also include in it.
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