Is directory submission still a good option?

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Are there any free good directories where you can submit which would yield some SEO/backlink advantage? Havent submitted to directories in a long time.
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    i don't agree... directory submission is just a waste of time... sometimes you have to wait more then 3 months to get your site reviewed... i would rather concentrate on forums, blogs commenting and link exchange with relevant sites
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    I think directory submission is just wasting of time.
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    Hi GeorgeR,

    Directories can work well, they can also be a waste of time. Some directories are valuable resources and others are desolate no-mans land. If the directory gets a lot of quality traffic then it almost certainly can give your page a boost, however, if the directory receives little or no traffic it probably isn't worth the time to submit your listing.
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      There are only some quality free directories left which will help your site's SERPs. Anyway, you should outsource it if you do it.
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      Hello, You can submit PR3 or 4 directory. This really will do the advantage to your back links.
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    Quality directories backlinks are still valuable but some are overrated and are too expensive for what they offer. Now I stay away from directories that do not provide contents and look like link farms.

    Niche directories are very good for traffic and help a lot to boost sites in SERP.

    Most of low quality directories are made for adsenses, so it is easy to get the picture.
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      I highly recommend you just buy one of the services out there that does like 50 high PR manual submissions to directories for $25. It's a one time fee and it does help your rankings a bit. If you got extra money it doesn't hurt to do it.
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    I think directories are a low level type of link. But profile links works and I see no reason that directory submission as 1 part of your back linking strategy wont help you.

    I love to take something simple and make it as complicated as I can.

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    "I think directories are a low level type of link"

    All depends on the directories you submit to. I think most would agree that a listing in dmoz and Yahoo Directory would count as a strong link. Submissions to the higher quality directories like and BOTW are great as well.
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    there are auto approval directory listings, with high PR
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    What I've found with the directory listings I've got is that Google hasn't indexed any of them, even months later. What is the value of a link if it isn't going to get indexed?
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    yes but back linking is better
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    Directory submissions are good to get some backlinks but you can't depend on them only for links. They usually take 3 to 4 months to get approvals. Try other off page activities also to get backlinks.
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    In my opinion, directory submissions are a good source of backlinks.. And since some of them take months to approve. It looks natural and may give you a boost when you least expect. I do directory submissions, But to each his/her own!



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      I think most directory submissions are a waste of time though there are a few good quality ones out there - try to target niche directories that have related content to your site.

      Remember just because a directory may have a high PR on the homepage, what is important is the PR of the page where your link will site, which will probably be zilch and stuffed with a ton of links each taking a share of that zilch.

      And that is of course assuming that the search engines even bother to crawl these pages which is unlikely.

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        I haven't done directory submissions in a long time. I've heard that the best links are the ones that have the potential to drive traffic, and therefore would benefit you even without the SEO benfits. Very few directories will bring any significant traffic.
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          Nowadays, good directories are very rare like DMOZ. So directory submission has lost it's sheen...
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    For the most part you won't get any traffic from directories, but every little bit does count for SEO.

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    for me, it is still okay - but chosen directories only.
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    I have personally found that directories are so over-run with submissions, that actually getting a link approved in one takes forever if it happens at all. If links were approved on a timely basis, then they would be worth the time, but you will actually get links approved much faster with article directories, blog comments, link exchanges, etc.

    There is nothing wrong with link directories, they are just too slow, again, because they are over-run.
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    What isn't overrun these days? I found a pr 3 site ranking first for its keyword based almost entirely on backlinks in forum profiles, directory listings, RSS feeds and article submissions. And like 1/3 of all this stuff was nofollow.
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    Directory submission is good but it is only effective for backlinks some PR directory like and are good directory.
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      yes sir Directory submission is still a good option because you will get a free do-follow back links and so quickly and it will cache your site so quickly.
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    Directory links are still important.In fact every tactic that gets you a backlink is good for seo.

    Guest post links are effective when they are contextual and natural!!

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    Well, I don't do directory backlink anymore..
    I preffer to build backlink on blog post and article submission..
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      Directory submissions do work as part of your backlink foundation(you will not jump up in rankings just using directory submissions.) The problem is most directory sofware submitters or programs are worthless. From my experience, I used to go the manual route but took to long to find quality directory sites. But now I outsource my directory submissions to directory maximizer.

      They've been around for a long time, and have improved they services each year. They do submissions for 14cents(minimum 100 per order), so basically $14.00 per order.

      Hope this helps!


      PS- I'm not an affiliate for Directory Maximizer, I just use their service.
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    i think that being in related directories can be quite helpful. Not a big fan of reciprocal directories.

    Besides a good directory listing can bring you some much needed traffic, and you get the extra SEO bonuses however little they might be.

    set it free

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    Only submit your sites to PR 4+ directories which are 3 years old.Most new directories die within an year,its a waste of time to submit to them.
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    I believe directory submission is still good ,for backlinks especially. For seo all areas of submissions regarding directories and forums the more you have going the better it is.
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    I always considered them a waste... I would only do it if I had an near fully automated software submitting to decent directories but so far all the ones I saw spam directories that are irrelevant.

    ---> My blog on making niche sites & ranking them with SEO for a full time income since 2010 !<----

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    I would always try to get in DMOZ for quality, white hat sites and webshops. A single link from DMOZ and some good on page SEO, may give your site PR3 from what I've seen and that in turn will make it easier to swap links with other niche sites.

    As for directory submission to other sites, I find it to be a general waste of time unless they are niche specific and actually run by editors that deny low quality sites.

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    It's not as useful as it once was, but it's just one more step in SEO. Having a wide variety of links can be useful:

    Directories/SE Submission
    Article Directory
    Related Blog
    Social Media
    Static Authority Sites
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    I believe directory submission still holds value to SEO. My traffic still shows handsome traffic from local and regional directories.
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    Initially, this was something I tried before I really knew anything. So when I finally got stuck, and went to see Brad Gosse for his help. I told him about all my directory submissions, and he looked at me and said, How is that working for you? When we looked my inbound links and traffice, not a single directory submission was seen and our traffic was at nothing. I probably manually submitted to over 200 directories. After following Brad's advice and working my ass off, 5 months later we are comfortably in the top 5 on page one for our primary term, and Directory submission is something I don't spend a second on.
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    I think it is certainly worth it to go to the higher PR directories like DMOZ, Exactseek, Jayde, etc. Even MerchantCircle for local search is a good directory. I wouldn't waste too much time on trying to submit to hundreds of directories, just go with the ones that have good page rank.
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