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This tool is for experience PPCer only.
This tool will use Adwords Editor as it's 'medium' to export
ads to your google adwords account.

So you'll absolutely need to know how to use Adwords Editor
before using this apps.

Hi everyone,

I have little tool that I created in the middle of my campaign creation session.

The apps skeleton was actually developed months ago, but then yesterday, after join and learning through out the ppcclassroom, I remember that I have tools that do what Amit actually talk about.

He mentioned about :
"One adgroups for one keywords"

I like Amit, he know his stuff and kind enough to share his knowledge for free.
I believe what he teach hold truth, so here are articles that lead me to this apps :
.....setup a ONE keyword per adgroups campaign, with two unique ads per adgroup
How to Get Started as an Affiliate | Super Affiliate Mindset

How to Properly Setup an Adwords Campaign...Part III | Super Affiliate Mindset

As I mentioned before, here how your campaign structure will look like once we're done building your campaign with EfficientPPC :

1. One Unique Keyword per Adgroup - broad, phrase, and exact match types of one keyword
2. One Campaign per Keyword Category - with a different landing page for each category
3. 2 Ads per Adgroup - with the keyword in the headline
How to Properly Setup an Adwords Campaign...Part III | Super Affiliate Mindset

Here is the tool I am talking about :

This little apps can create one adgroup for one keywords given.
The aim is to get lower bid result.

It use a token system that should be easy to understand.
Just ask me if you have problem using it

It's very rough currently, but hey it still do it's job.

I was planning to build a list for a download exchange, but since I am busy with blasting challenge I'll let it loose for a while

Download while you can get it for nothing.
I'd love to hear your though for

(no worries, that's not an affiliate link, LOL. It's just me tracking the number of downloads made)

If there are enough interest, I might going to develop it further and sell as WSO

Back to blasting



PS : Mods, please move this thread somewhere you see fit, if it's not supposed to be here Thanks!
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