PR4, Alexa < 1 million, Monthly traffic >35000 impressions, Revenue how much?

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My site has a page rank of 4, is a niche site with distinct readership, decent traffic and alexa rank but very less revenue in ads - where am I going wrong?
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    What should be the benchmark revenue for such sites? $300 per month?
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      There is no benchmark.
      If you are happy, that's the level.

      If you want more money, you need to tweak the
      content, get targeted traffic and more of it.

      $300 could be small, medium, or large.

      It all depends on your point of view.

      Set your own goal, and try and achieve that.

      You can get carried away by all this he said, she said stuff
      about CTR and revenue. Bottom line, all sites are different.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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        The layout is not geared towards maximise Adsense revenue. With the right optimisation you could average a click through rate of 20% or more.

        For starters adsense should be the prominent feature in your site, not the blue stuff in the middle.

        (20% of 35,000) x (25% of Cost Per Click) = Revenue.
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          Thanks Paul and inter123. This means I need to get somebody to professionally design the site.
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