Will buying a domain name with exact keyword get me to the #1 ranking ?

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Hello experts
I need to know if i buy Exact keyword matched domain names in .org or .net or .ws will it get me to #1 positon in google with a little bit of optomisation or will i have to work really to get to the position?
Used cars is a high competative keyworg. so If i buy Usedcars .org or usedcars .net or usedcars .ws and work on my site will it get me to position #1 with some effort?

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    While keyword rich domains are helpful, more than that is required to break to the top ofa competitive market. Great, relevant content, powerful backlinking, well structured meta tags in a quality site. To get the #1 slotyou generally need to have some or all of these factors better than the competition. But don't be discouraged as it can be done, just realize that it takes more than a great domain name.
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    It depends on your niche, but simply by buying a "exact keyword matched domain name" won´t get you ranked to #1 position in google, I´m afraid. You will have to do SEO, creating backlinks, etc. even just to get indexed by google. Once you are indexed you can concentrate to get a good ranking in googles searchengine for your keywords.
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      It will help. However, there are other more important factors, such as PR, backlinks, content, and who are the actual top 10.
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    Depends on competition,

    If you are competing with about.com and webmd.com then you'll have a hard time but if you're competing with some bogus sites with no backlinks then it'll be easy as buying the domain.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    In some cases you can but in other cases you can't. I own the dot com versions of "how to prevent bedbugs" and "how to prevent yeast infections" and am finding out that I need to work at building more backlinks in order to get those sites to rank on the first page of the organic search results for Google.

    However, keep in mind that even if you automatically rank on the first page with a domain due to the keyword phrase you should cement it in place with some quality backlinks from a variety of sources.

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    You still have to get clicks onto your site for it to be at the top of the heap. Try a post to digg regarding your content, a lens on squidoo with a direct link to your website.
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    exact match domain names and little bit of optimization will definitely work for long tail keywords, however if you are targeting highly competitive keywords then domain name is just one of the factors and you will need excellent optimization to get the top spot.
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      exact keyword search domain name will help but you still need to put some effort on SEO to get you website on higher ranking. If don't the chances to put your website on 1st page of google will disappear.

      Nothing here...

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    It will help a bit IMO, But it is also depends on the competition, Usedcars are somewhat high competition, You won't get position without beating your competitor.

    You need to slowly build your links and content on your website also matters in this case. .
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    Expect no quick and easy wins in SEO, exact match domain will help, but its only one of the many factors you need to consider. I have had success with exact match domains, getting them on first page in short time and sticking, but not in highly competitive markets where you will need to work alot harder. If you have a good keyword in the domain and your top keyword is highly competetive, go after the long tail traffic, this often converts better and is easier to achieve results.
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    Like other have said, just having the exact domain name won't guarantee a slam-dunk, but will definitely help. You have to consider the top 10 competition.
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    It would certainly help you to some extent. Now how much will it help will depend upon the competitiveness of that keyword. If it is more competitive then apart from the domain name you also need to invest some good time in building links to your site.
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    This is true to a degree and have ran tests for this. You have much more chance of ranking well for say a two word .com domain than you would a 4 or 5 word .com domain. I think that Google 'may' look at a two word 'high traffic' keyword /domain and view them as a serious contender for that 'keyword'. Other longer tailed domains can come across as spammy and will likely be bought from those trying to jump onto the 'keyword in domain' bandwagon.

    I have a script running on my server that finds these domains 24hrs per day, 365 days per year although I have only had it running a few days. So far so good though :-)
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    It would certainly help you.
    but good content always will help you,
    say one article per day
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