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Hi Guys just need a bit of advice on what to do about this website.

A couple of months ago i purchased a search engine software program from clickbank just uploaded it and thought to myself what a waste of money why did i buy that.Anyway i just checked the stats and i have been having about 600 hits a day from this site,it is listed on a search engine called which is Chinese. Shall i just delete the site or try to monetize it and see if i can make a few $. The other question is if you were to put ads on it where would you go to get advertising,{not a lot of cpa offers for china}

When i check the website from the UK everything is in English,if you check it through it is in Chinese.

If anyone can help


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    baidu seems to be a bigger search engine, i remember i am getting hits on my sites from there too. I would slap adsense on it and see....i mean 600 hits ar 600 hits, so i wouldn't simply dump that page.
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    You generally only need to make about $5.00 per month to make a site pay for itself unless you can't make that I would say keep it.
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    I think you should monetize it and see if it would be worth keeping it. Most of all go with your guts.

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    monetise it ;-)
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    put some adsense on it, see if you make any money and if you don't or if it's not financially viable then get rid of it, it could potentially make you a nice profit with 600 hits.
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    What software did you buy?

    It sounds like you bought something magical!

    I mean, some people can't get 600 hits a year!

    What's the product name?
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    I would at least try to get some cash from it. It is indexed in and driving some traffic. Maybe try to get some adsense or even some cpa cash from it.
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    I'd say flip it!
    Sounds like you aren't sure what to do with it, and you can probably make a quicker buck selling it to someone that does.
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    I know some people can't get 600 per year! hehe
    monetize this, the baidu lets grow to much.
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    Why only delete or monetize? How about selling it?
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