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Lets say I am targeting a term such as 'blue widgets for men'

And I get anchor text specifying 'blue widgets for men'

However I also wish to rank for the more competitive 'blue widgets'

Is my anchor text of 'blue widgets for men' giving me some anchor text value of ranking for 'blue widgets' because it has the words 'blue widgets' in the anchor text as well??

I would obviously vary anchor text to include the both of them, however was wondering whether getting the longer tail anchor text would give credit to rank for the shorter term.
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    Your best bet is to vary your anchor text, it is more natural. Back to your quesion both will help though.
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      Varying both key words would help you better. Variety is definitely is good thing. Hope someone can answer in detail your exact question.

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        Originally Posted by Thinker1 View Post

        Hope someone can answer in detail your exact question.
        No one can do that. All you, he and we can do IS test.

        Search Engine algos work differently from site to site cause there are soooo many things involved.

        Some sites rank well just using ONE anchor while others (similar competition #) rank poorly and need a wider link campaign.

        Test, test, test.

        People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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          JMO but since your anchor text wouldn't be an exact match, but it has the keyword in it you would receive some benefit. But since an exact match anchor text is 100% and the other dilutes it to 50% I'm guessing that the exact match would be more relevant to Google. But the anchor text in your backlinks would play a role as well. I asked a similar question about the title tag on another forum and never got a definitive answer.
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    Adam, I have targeted 3 to 5 word phrases and seen an improvement in the main 2 keyphrase rank quite a few times before. You should be mixing up your anchor text so spend time targeting 2,3,4 and 5 word combinations for best effect.
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    definately vary the anchor text, can't stress this enough, you're linking strategy needs to look natural to google.
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