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Hi Warriors,

I wanted to share some methods or techniques that I recently used and really helped my sites move up on the first page of google.

This advice is for those who have sites sitting on the second page or on the bottom portion of the first page of google.

Because of what I did, I had some sites move up from #10 to #5, some from #6 to #2. I also had some move up from the second page to the first page landing on #5.

This is what I did.

1. I went in and edited some of my articles and updated them with some new info. For most of them I increased my internal linking with high PR, .gov and .edu sites. Adding new contents or editing the articles that you already have more often definitely helps in your SEO efforts.

2. I continually used Yahoo answer and added some of the pages as resources. Make sure to use the 80/20 rule. Only have 20 percent of your answers have your own links. Other times just answer generously. That's to avoid your yahoo id being banned.

3. I used the following two sites to find do follow blogs and left comments with my links. In Line Seo and Do Follow Blogs. I didn't even do a lot. May be 3 or 5 for each site.

4. Guest wrote to other blogs. I left two keyword rich anchored texts within the articles. It's so powerful when you use your desired keywords as anchored texts within an article. For example, see the #3 above how I had In Line Seo and Do Follow Blogs anchored in this post. The people are getting very rich link juice from this. Why? Simply because I used their home page or the name of their url as anchored txts. Search engines now can easily learn about this site better because of this rich keyword anchored link they've got, there for better rankings for them.

5. Published a few articles on article directories i.e. hubpages, ezinearticles, xomba and go article. That's it. Only to these sites not a long list of directories. I did at least one article per site.

6. Created a few squidoos, at least one per site. Make sure to have a few links here and there on squidoo. Here is one more tips when you do the squidoo. In the module where it says "Blog Posts from Google", click on the edit button and under "Enter your search terms", add your own blog or site like this Site:yoururl.com Now, whenever google updates that module, it brings up your site.

7. Used Topix forum to also leave comments or answer questions with my links. One thing I like about this forum is that there is no need for registration. I did may be one or two comments per site.

Very Important Rules To Remember:

When you do backlinks make sure to follow these rules to avoid penalty or sandboxing issue from google. The golden rule in linking is that don't use more than 25% of the time your main key word (home page) as anchored texts. About 50% of the time you can use the title of your blog as anchored texts. Another 25% of the anchored texts can be used for related keywords in your site. Don't also forget to spread out your links as having too many links overnight is not very effective. Since most of these are manual work, naturally you would take your time doing them anyway. Also if it's a new site, wait until it gets indexed before applying these techniques. I found these SEO methods to be more effective on older sites (at least 3 months old) that were siting either on the bottom portion of the first page of google or on the second page of google.

Do these consistently and you will see a big change in the rankings of your site. Just so you know I did this as an experiment on some of my sites and definitely surpassed my expectation. These are some powerful tools that you can do any time, and are natural and permanent. There is no risk involved when you do this. This is good for someone who wants to build a site that's going to be around for a long time.

Hope this information helps someone.

Thanks for reading,
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    I forgot to mention in my previous post that you should expect to see results in two to four weeks. If you're not into doing all of the suggestion above, do what you can. Consistency is a key to success.

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      Are there any other methods that any one applies to help your site move up on google? Please feel free to post here your thoughts and ideas.

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