What to do? Half Way Through Building a Site But Found A Phrase with More Searches.

by gr101
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I have a domain that matches a specific keyword phrase (i.e. "OrangeCarrots").
I've outsource and prepared (spun) 3 articles for the site and have released on through FreeTrafficSystem.
I've recently just found another keyword phrase which has roughly 10 times more searches and is but is
more competitive than my original keywords (i.e. "PointyCarrots").
The domain for the new keyword is free.
Now I'm a little confused as what to do next. The original keyword will be easier to dominate but does not get
as much traffic.

1) Continue with the original keyword site as per plan:
2) Create a new site
This will be an exact replica of the original site (cut and paste of everything except articles).
- Same links
- Same wordpress them
- Same layout
3) Write a few (smaller) articles on the new site & submit these to FreeTrafficSystem
4) Put some links on the orginal site to point to the new site thus creating a hub and boosting the new site.

1) Create the new site (exact replica of original)
2) Post remaining two articles on FreeTrafficSystem to point to the new site.
3) Put a link on the original site pointing to the new site.

I prefer OPTION 1 as I'm half way through all of this and already have momentum. Will chill a bit and see if the original site gets hits then take it from there.

What do you think?
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    Carry on with your current project, once that's complete go back to this new-found keyword and start a project for that keyword, then you'll have two similar keywords bringing you in income.
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    Definitely Option 1. Focus!
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    Thanks for the response

    Should I buy the domain now for the new keyword phrase?
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    Yeah make sure you buy the stuff so no one else can steal it while you work away.

    Even set up a blog or page now with some content so when you do start building it up it doesn't take as long.


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      Unless this is a pure Adsense site be sure the 'new' keyphrase has the same or more potential to attract buyers and not just info seekers.

      It's an easy trap to fall in believing more searches equal more money, but many times the money is in the more defined (long tail) phrase.

      A good way to check this is to look at the Adwords bids and see what the expected costs per click may be. More advertisers paying higher CPC may be a good indication the money is better in that phrase.

      It's not always about 'quantity', you want the 'quality' to be there as well.

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    Will do it now.
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    Use the first site to test the market. If you make profit...repeat with new keyword phrase.

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    As Bill suggests, IF the new phrase looks to be worthy, then consider it.

    Do NOT go real estate shopping and just buy the domain "because I'm going to do something with it some day".

    Do NOT stop your first project. Stay focused (as csmart suggests).

    You will always find other avenues when working on a project unless you have your blinders up. Set goals and a timeline to finish it. You can set goals and a timeline for your next project during your breaks from project 1 if you like, but stay on task!

    Folks poke around here saying they aren't making any money - I would love to see a list of their objectives, goals and timelines showing that they actually completed anything vs bouncing to the next idea that pops into their head or inbox.

    I'm NOT saying you do this. I know that there are many successful marketers here. It's just a business thing in general - many, many people do not follow these simple rules.

    If you have the extra domain registration fee and a brief bit of research makes the new phrase worthy, then grab the domain and put a plan together.

    By all means, scale it up as quickly as you can - use the same theme, etc to save time. Make it unique somehow if you can (graphics, etc) but you can do that in round two. Biggest thing is get it running and get fresh content on it so you can start getting indexed/backlinking/article writing, etc.

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