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Hey everyone, I need an advise.. I'm trying to build a website and would like to register a domain of the keyword that I'll be going after. By looking at this market samurai two report analyzis of two keywords do you think I stand a chance? Trafic travis states that its "relatively easy' whats your opinion, would you go after it? I mean theres alot of backlinks but this keyword is not included in their domains, title, head etc. Thank you in advance..

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      No i would not go after that! and if traffic travis thinks that is easy then i would not like to see what it thought was hard,lol

      There are two websites there that have all the title,desc,url,head covered and a lot of backlinks plus they all have pagerank.

      You want the majority colour to be green with a touch of yellow and a tiny little hint of red
      and a nice smelling bouquet
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    Would love to help you out my friend, but those columns don't mean a whole lot to me. Maybe if you could provide some additional info or try to decipher them for us, it might be easier...wish I could help further.

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      I think you probably want 2 or 3 websites with a PR of 0. These are very high PR sites, lots of backlinks...probably pretty tough.
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    Your be competing against sites with a nice amount of backlinks, how long do you want to be in the market for? Is this a niche market?

    Another question to ask is, will your backlinks be spam backlinks or will they actually be "quality" backlinks? Have you analysed their backlinks and looked at the quality of theirs... Yes there onsite SEO aint great but MS doesn't always tell the truth, check by hand and make sure that they have no SEO because this isn't usually the case.
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    I use Market Samurai and just by looking at all the red, is well. . . a red flag.

    Dump it.

    Landing pages/graphic design [1] [2] [3] [4]

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    so you guys really think that I stand no chance of getting on the first page of google by looking at this analyze? I mean I'm not new to SEO i've got few of my sites on the first page of google ofcoarse the competition wasnt' as hard.. I use senuke and combine it with other software and get pretty good results.. but I'm thinkking of going after some heavy keywords and just would like to hear some opinions of its even going to be worth going after.. so the title tag, url, tag doesn't mean much at all? thank you!
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