Need experienced SEOs opinion about ranking for certain keyword?

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Hey everyone, I'd like to hear some opinions if this is going to be possible to rank for this two particular keywords. Please view market samurais screen shots below and tell me what you think? Possible? Should I go for it? Thank you!

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    Yes it is possible.
    Go for it!


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    it is always possible, the question is how much time and resources you need to achieve these positions

    better check what the top 3 have done in term of content. does a visitor spend 1 min or 20 minutes on these sites

    if a customer come with these stats, I'll make a deal for top 4 position within a month

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    its a health niche and gets pretty good amount of searches every day.. how long would this usually take you to get on the first page with brand new web site. Im using senuke and combine it with some other software and it gives me pretty good results but I've never tried going after for some competitive keywords.. it shouldn't take me longer then a month to rank on the first page of google?
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    I would say it is certainly not a 1 month goal; more like 6 months if you can get the link juice going; a high pr link would help.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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