Article Marketing: Should I link to my website or to my article?

by r3bb
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Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if there's any benefit to building backlinks to one of my articles (on Ezinearticles) as opposed to building backlinks to my website. What are your thoughts on this?
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    building backlinks through articles resource box are great to have. These are most legitimate backlinks all the time.

    Regards !
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    That depends. Which is ranking higher for your keyword phrase at the moment?

    Do you think more backlinks to your article would increase it's rankings? If there are lots of other articles on EZA using your keyword, will adding backlinks to your article make it outrank the other articles on EZA in the eyes of Google?

    If you use SEO quake or yahoo site explorer you will be able to see the amount of backlinks to your article and other articles using the same keyword. If you see that other articles on EZA (that are targeting your keyword) that have thousands of backlinks to them, then maybe it would be better to link to your website. This is a simplified way of looking at it, as the number of backlinks says nothing about the quality of the backlinks - but at least it gives you some idea.

    You can normally get a website to rank higher for a keyword phrase - putting in several pages of unique content all targeting the keyword phrase usually makes the website rank pretty well in googles eyes. I would take a good look at the websites currently ranking for the keyword phrase you are targeting - how many backlinks to they have?

    Hope this helps you decide!
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    It's not always necessary to link back your website instead of articles. However, it's important. I would suggest that maintain a balance between both.

    The downside of linking your website is that if the users don't find quickly what they are looking for, it may lead to higher bounce rates.
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    If you drive lots of traffic to your article, you might then get into the "most viewed" list on EzineArticles - which will in turn drive even more traffic to the article from EzineArticles itself.

    According to Quantcast, EA gets around 300,000 visitors per day, just from the USA.

    best wishes,

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