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I have decided to embark on a niche blogging journey. i have my first site up and now cant decide on which kind of template to use.

I have few seo obtimized plain adsense templates and a few good premium ones like gazette. which one should i use?

I want to monotize it with adsense and amazon.

I heard just putting up plain one with little info will help with adsense ctr. Anyones thoughts on this?
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    I've basically done what you want to do and decided to use Artiseer to make all my themes (assuming your using wordpress), it makes fantastic looking sites at just a few clicks of a button.

    I have a steady CTR of around 10% which isn't great but I'm happy with it as it's not like I'm throwing the adsense ads in their face, I'm trying to provide a good looking site with great content and relevant ads. I hear people who use Xfactors template often get in excess of 20%CTR.

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    Should I put minimal content on to force users to click on adsense for more info or give more content to make site better quality?
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    I'd say there are far more experienced people here that could answer that....I put my site up with 3 posts intially, all good quality informative articles that are around 400 words in each article, a few pictures to go with the articles and a large adsense rectangle at the top of my page with another adsense vertical in the sidebar.

    I don't even put adsense in every post as I don't want my sites to look like they are exclusively made for adsense. They generally rank within the first couple of pages pretty quickly then I just add links and add content as I want to build these sites from micro niche sites to decent size niche sites that do provide relevant information and will continue to make money down the line.

    So I guess to answer your question, No I don't 'force' them to click on my ads but as I mentioned my CTR isn't anything to brag about.....

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    i am using my own template designed with DW CS3, nothing fancy, my concept is the simpler the better...

    Earning Residual Passive Income is not a dream

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