what's the best SEO method out there?

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I saw tons of SEO methods and blueprints and system, but what works for you and what's the best in your opinion?
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    Originally Posted by visimedia View Post

    I saw tons of SEO methods and blueprints and system, but what works for you and what's the best in your opinion?
    There is no blueprint. Success in getting the SERP rankings you desire depends on a lot of things and can vary depending on a variety of elements, not the least of which is competition.

    For example, I have clients with well optimized pages and decent amounts of inbound links yet they struggle to reach the second page of Google. Then, I have a client whose site I optimized eight days ago and they already rank on page one for about half of the targeted keywords.

    To begin, focus on crafting content with the proper keyword density and other on-page elements like page titles, alt tags for images, etc. Then work on building links to your site.
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    when you say "there's no blueprint" , I think you have to look at Sean's product which is Link MAgnet for example. IT's cool and it's revealing why people are ranking or not well in google, and how to beat tons and tons of very competitive market.

    AFter you work on that, I'm still here to listen to your sharing on SEO.


    Any other reply about SEO blueprint or method?
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    Run this mass PR checker tool to check the Google PageRank of all your website's page. Check PR of all the pages which have links leading to your website. This free PageRank tool shows you how websites that have higher PageRank values for certain keywords, rank higher in search engine result pages. Incoming link pages which are given a higher value by the PR checking tool will help increase the link popularity of your website. This free bulk PR checker can be used as an indicator of your website's individual PR value.

    Source: SiteOpsys
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    Get you on page SEO sorted and then............ Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink Backlink

    Thats the jest of things and dont forget the anchor text

    You don't need any blueprints or systems just email the web master and ask for a link...

    KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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        Originally Posted by Marketing "Guru" View Post


        Typical misinformation about SEO I see all the time.

        How about providing good content people actually care about. Try that and you might find Google pays attention to your site.

        Yes you need good high PR do and no follow backlinks but that is only part of the big equation.
        I will completely agree that providing good quality content is extremely important. But I will also agree that you need to have good on-page SEO and backlinks for anyone to see your content in the first place.

        Without either of those, you'll have trouble getting anyone to see your content. And if they can't see it they can't care about it.

        You don't need tons of backlinks. Just high quality relevant ones will do. I learn that more and more everyday.
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          Originally Posted by Jacob Martus View Post

          I will completely agree that providing good quality content is extremely important. But I will also agree that you need to have good on-page SEO and backlinks for anyone to see your content in the first place.
          Yes, it's like marketing your product. Without the "advertisement", your product may lag behind the inferior ones.
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    I think the right blueprint is due EVERYTHING. Blog commenting,link building, social bookmarking, articles writing and submission, video creation and submission,web 2.0. In my opinion when it comes to SEO the more you do the more you will reap .

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    The keyword selection can make or break you but it's not just about picking a keyword and getting backlinks.

    You have to evaluate the competition to make sure you have the resources to beat them.

    Of course, make sure your on page SEO is in proper order. (of course good content on the page helps you convert when the visitor gets there and can get people linking to you as well)

    Then go about making a backlinking campaign that will be stronger than the page that is in the #1 position. This could include articles, press releases, blog commenting, getting links from other sites etc...

    Not sure if that qualifies as a "plan" or "method"......
    Gone Fishing
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    Well, you have to figure out which direction you want to take....

    If you're building crappy adsense sites, then your bounce rate will be huge and you'll probably get no natural links. Then use anchor text links internally and externally, build lots of pages targeting different keywords, and get your links from free-for-all places.

    If you're building a quality site, then still use anchor text internally and externally, build lots of pages, and then build great content. In addition, get creative by creating relationships with people in the niche and get them to link to you some how.
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    there are tonnes of SEO method out there. but with a crappy side without much content, it will definately not go far.
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    Top quality fresh content.

    Without a doubt.
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    I hear people say backlinks, content, many pages,

    Good SEO is doing all this. There is not just one single method.

    Focus on all this and you will get great result, just make sure you know what you're up against
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    1: Research You Niche = Keyword Research - Bad keywords and all of your efforts will go down the drain.

    2: Make an Online Marketing Plan AND Content Plan (This is what most people get it wrong, they focus on marketing but leave out content. ). The plan must have ACTION steps for the next one year at least.

    3: Plan must have mix of Online Marketing Methods like: Social Marketing, Web 2.0 properties, buying back links, article marketing, commenting, forum marketing, etc etc.

    4: Make both plans into daily tasks that you must complete before you go to bed.

    Persistence in implementing your daily Makreitng/SEO tasks will get top rankings in SERPS even in competitive niches.

    Check out John Reese's Traffic Secrets. It's a nice blueprint for Online Marketing/SEO
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    We feel that it is a formula of quality content + daily link building that will get you the optimum results.
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    Don't waste anymore money on SEO reports. Just pay for the actual SEO work! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rankings!
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    yea, cool feedback guys ,, pretty thx
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    Regularly updated content always helps, content Google likes such as images and vids helps too, good on page SEO, great backlinking (using a variety of backlinks and using anchor text) ...why do we always make things more complicated than they are??

    I have a couple of niche sites that are optimized on-page, don't really have too regularly updated content, and have good backlinks and they are on page 1 with several at #1.

    But, as always, we all have our own opinions and experiences with what we've found to work for us.
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    The best SEO method is the one that you are actually doing

    Don't look for best SEO method but try to get the best of the current SEO methods you know. Learn keyword research good and you'll need far less Link Building efforts for good results. Combine all those "old" link building methods like directories, article marketing, profiles, blog commenting and you'll do a lot, trust me you will. You just need to get experienced with those methods and you'll know how to tweak them to get the most of them. There are other methods too. Press Releases, Guestposting, web 2.0 creation, linkbait. You don't need every single LB method out there you just need to become good at the ones you are already know of. And eventualy if you are interested in SEO you'll learn some other new methods. Go to seomoz website and check their whiteboard friday videos about link building or search on Google their posts with queries like:

    site:seomoz.org/blog intitle:whiteboard + link building
    site:seomoz.org/blog "link building"
    You can do the similar with search engine land and trust me you'll find a ton of good LB methods
    Travel Istria & Croatia
    Check out Fortis, my SEO for SaaS Marketing Agency.
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    Provide quality content on your website and do tons and tons of linkbuilding can make your site increase it's page rank. You just have to deal with it patiently because it takes time for Google to index those links, sometimes it takes 3-4 months.
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