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How many people into SEO here are using citations? Citations are defined as "mentions" of your business name and address on other pages, even if there is no link.

I am getting backlinks to my sites from working the Citations angle this month. Making sure the cited text is accurate and spread across authority sites. Low and behold when I checked the SERPS this morning I am seeing links back to my web site developing where no link was placed.

Hope this helps someone on here. If your using Citations I would love to hear your experiences.
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    So do you mean that its not a hyperlink just a quote like "www.Google.com" and you are getting credit like that or do you mean you are hyperlinking and adding in a "" like such: "google" ?
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    Do you mean not getting a backlink to your site but mentioning your site name or site brand name in other authoritative websites?

    If you are telling that I don't think that will help much in SEO.
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    How does this work.. Would love to know more about this, please! Thanks.
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    Interesting post, and I believe ya, I mean why would you post such a post if it wasn't true?

    Interestingly enough, tonight I was checking a client's site at the online semantic data extractor: .w3.org/2003/12/semantic-extractor.html and found the citations were showing up in the outputted data - nothing huge here but we know there's a relationship between rankings and semantic keyword relationships.

    Some of you are asking whether there's no link on the page. Well, citations on other sites could pass the same value as ctags may.

    I myself have seen a difference in certain areas of ranking and traffic after using citations.

    Just some thoughts...
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    Can you explain the citations a little further. I don't understand if it isn't hyperlinked how it would help in the rankings?
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    Just make sure when you are submitting to local directories the same phone number corresponds with the phone number on your website and on your Google Map listing and this will help a lot. By not including the same number or different numbers can effect your ranking.
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    Yes this works. Drop your domain name into pages and even though its not a link, it helps build relevance for your site.
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      Great tip. Don't forget http://www. links w/o anchor text as well.
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