17,329 Visitors For Around $200 - From Google AdWords - Are You Aware?

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About 3 months ago, dude named Alex Goad was messing around testing a new traffic strategy that he had no idea would work or not. When he saw that it practically forced nearly 3K visitors to his site in 2 days he freaked out.

3K visitors for almost $30 CAD? In order to know this we have to buy this secret, but is it worth it? Maybe some of you recognize this method?

Here is the link:
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    read my review of this disgrace of a clickbank product

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    1) false claims in the video
    2) $0.01 clicks doesn't work. SHOW ME PROOF and i will be the first to admit i am wrong
    3) "New method"? Hell no.
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      yes, I looked into this and it is a load of rubbish.

      Image ads still need to compete with other ads so that chance of getting the ads to appear is very low.

      And what might the value of that traffic be anyway?

      Old system that doesn't work.
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        I wonder how in screenshot he showed so much impressions...
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    1 cent clicks seems possible. The lowest I got it down to was 2 cent clicks in the weight loss niche. Ran good for several months, then google slapped me with a quality score of 1 across that entire campaign

    Don't know anything about gtrafficloophole though so can't comment on that product, just the possibility of 1 cent clicks.
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