Is it OK to put adsense ads in a site selling a clickbank product?

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I have a site which I am planning to sell clickbank products.
I am just wondering is it OK if I put adsense ads inside that site promoting a clickbank product or while promoting a clickbank product I should be making it appear as a sales page style landing page without any border or column.
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    Nobody here works for google.

    It depends. If all you have is clickbank product
    ads, there is no value for the website visitor.
    You are providing just ads. Google frowns on
    these type of sites and adsense.

    You should do a page for each clickbank product,
    complete with valuable, useful information that
    is round about related to the product.

    A landing page for a clickbank product provides
    no real value for an adwords customer. One
    could argue this point, I suppose. I would just choose
    not to.

    I don't believe a clickbank product landing page has
    any content except ad copy for a sale.


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      Google will allow you to place other advertisements on your site as long as they don't look like adsense ads.

      So if you use graphical banners, or write reviews about clickbank products then you should be fine under their TOS.

      But I probably would recommend that you don't do it because you may be shooting yourself in the foot. If the adsense ads trigger ads that are also selling the clickbank product you are promoting then you might lose a potential sale. You'll get a 10c (perhaps) adsense click over a $20 (perhaps) clickbank revenue.

      My suggestion is to focus on one or the other. If you want to focus on the adsense income do that. If you want to promote clickbank products then do that.

      Both can be lucrative, but both require different strategies.

      Pick one and do it well - you'll be much better off.
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    I guess what your are trying to say is if google will allow and not ban your account. I suggest you just write article about your clickbank product. Place not so much adds of clickbank. Unique article is what google accepts. None confusing adds, scam and dont put so much adds on none or limited content site.
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      Who are you asking if it's okay by? Google? Or from a sales point of view?

      If from the latter... I'd say no. Well, not precisely. It depends what your focus is. If the click bank product is what you are trying to promote, I'd say leave it at that. You don't want too many distractions for the user. Think of your site as a funnel. If you have to many exits then you could potentially lose a clickbank sale. Funnel the user to your primary sale method, don't distract them.

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    I am asking this from the sales and monetization point of view.
    Thankstraceye that was useful info.
    I have one more question about promoting click bank products-Do you promote it using a sales page style with no sidebars and posts or through normal blogs style by adding the clickbank hoplink at the end of each article?
    Is it advisable to add many articles as wordpress posts and add the clickbank link under each post or is it better to promote it using sales page style way like those gurus market their products and services online.
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    If I was trying to sell a product, I wouldn't put anything on the page to deter that visitor from buying the product.

    But to answer your question, you can add Adsense and be fine as long as you follow their guidelines, like not putting it next to a picture.
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      I think I might know why the question is being asked.

      Lately, I'm getting a ton of junk traffic to my clickbank pages that doesn't convert at all. Certain affiliates are sending me 100-200 visitors a day, consistently, over a 1-2 month period, and I can track each affiliate's traffic exactly because I can see the affiliate ID using Google Analytics. Then looking at my CB sales stats, this particular traffic, which all comes from south east asia, has achieved approximately zero sales out of at least 10,000 uniques!!

      So I can understand the temptation to put in some Adsense!

      So far I have resisted the temptation. It's worth bearing in mind that if your sales page has Adsense on it, you might be deterring future good affiliates from signing up. Why would they want to send you traffic if you diminish the incentive for them?

      Also bear in mind that if you send junk traffic to your adsense sponsored ads, this will not make you as popular with either Adsense or the other advertisers who are looking for sales from your site. A good way to view your relationship with Adsense is to see yourself as someone who helps find targeted leads for advertisers. That's what they are paying for

      What I would suggest if you're still keen, might be to fill out your site with some other pages w/ articles and useful related info, you can put adsense on those pages and link to them so that there is no other direct monetization on your CB pages.

      "If there is no door, it becomes necessary to break out through the wall."

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    I would say you have to make a fine distinction between your CB sales page (which can be a page on your website) or a separate website/domain created for that purpose and other pages on your website/blog.

    I feel the CB sales page should contain nothing else but the CB product offer while a link to your other webpages can be inserted on the CB offer page linking to other webpages on your website/blog where you can now do monetisation with adsense, other affiliate products etc but ofcourse on the strength of good content included on such webpage.

    Firstly, you have full concentration on the CB offer by all prospects this way and on your other webpages, your other products including adsense also equally have concentration.

    It is important to note however that on your other webpages, adsense should be supplementary in positioning to your main affiliate product banners, text links etc.

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