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I have heard horror stories about people losing their Adsense accounts, but I always assumed these were people building spammy/scrapping sites, engaging in click fraud, etc.

I have spend a great deal of time working on my sites and never worried much about it.

Until last night I read this blog post:


I assume he had scrapper sites or 3-4 page KW related sites. That didn't bother me - it was the fact that he said he had friends who had manual reviews of their sites and lost their Adsense accounts, eventhough they had 40+ page sites.

I know people can have 40 pages of crap and poorly written content... but this post unnerved me specifically because of him mentioning the manual review.

I have taken a long time to carefully build out my sites to at least 20-50 pages, with original, useful content and plan to make them into 100+ pages and authority sites. But this post has me wondering why his friends got their accounts banned/sites de-indexed (I know no one can answer that specifically though).

Im worried when I hit a certain income $100+, that I'll get a manual review and am not sure what they look for that could get me into trouble...

I've worked really hard to build very useful sites and am just worried I guess...
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