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I have an authority site that I launched about 4 months ago. <--- (just to elaborate, I am well aware my site is not considered an "authority" by Google for a competitive keyword phrase while only 4 months old. I am simply referring to it as an authority site because that is what I had in mind while launching it, I plan to shoot for making it an authority in the specific niche the site is centered around over the course of a long period of time. I understand back links as well as other off-page SEO elements are needed to achieve this, and it will not be an easy task; I am not concerned about that.)

It is a blog platform that deals in a fairly competitive niche.
I have the homepage optimized for a specific phrase with about 120 supplemental posts that I have been gradually adding on a weekly basis.

My problem is; my website shows up for quite a few long tail keywords, so I know I have not been de-indexed or anything.
However, for my main phrase; whenever I run a rank checker there is no trace of my website anywhere for that keyword. <--- (I understand that my site is not going to be anywhere close to the top 100 pages of Google, I am just confused as to why it is not showing up ANYWHERE)

I have not done a whole lot of back linking for this site, just have been letting it age and gain some natural authority through article syndication. I just want to ensure that this is simply a matter of the site ranking so far into oblivion currently that the rank checkers simply do not pick it up? Or is there some underlying problem I am not aware of?

Is this fairly common for low authority sites working their way into a competitive niche? Just want to make sure that when I do eventually start my back linking campaigns for my site that it will eventually start showing up.
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    Yeah, I think if you don't see anything on a rank checker it is just because you are so far down there. If you wanted to you could enter site:Your sites URL, into google and it will tell you every page on your site that Google list.
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    If you launched it only 4 months ago, how can it even be close to being an 'authority' site. You need to learn more about what the search engines call an authority site.

    I found this description: What is an “Authority Site”? | Forum Doc
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      Right, whether or not you are an authority site is for Google to decide. If your market is competitive, why do you expect to rank highly with a bit of linkbuilding? You can run a search for your keyword and analyze the strength of the top results, then compare them to your site, if you know how to do it.
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      Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post

      If you launched it only 4 months ago, how can it even be close to being an 'authority' site. You need to learn more about what the search engines call an authority site.

      I found this description: What is an “Authority Site”? | Forum Doc
      What I meant in saying it was an authority site is that it was the basis of what I had in mind while launching a site. Some people talk about launching micro niche sites, other people talk about launching a prospective authority site.
      I appreciate your little reference and everything, but I am well aware of what an authority site is. I simply wanted to ensure that there was not some kind of fluke in my site not showing up for my main keyword; as I could not find it anywhere. I by no means expected to rank highly for such a competitive keyword without any sort of off-page SEO being done.
      You simply misunderstood my question to begin with. (A couple other people misunderstood what I was asking as well, so I went ahead and elaborated in the OP to hopefully avoid any further confusion)

      First reply answered my question; I appreciate it. Now I can begin my back linking campaign at ease.
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  • Without knowing the keyword phrase or the niche market, it is hard to give a specific answer to your question. If you would like to e-mail me your site address, I would be happy to provide you with an answer to your question.

    However, in general, I would suggest that you:
    1. Add a SEO plugin to your blog and use it for your posts and homepage.
    2. Use tags for your posts and include the main keyword phrase as a tag for some of the posts.
    3. Create several posts that relate to your main keyword phrase and place a link in the posts to your home page; but make sure that the post titles are different for each post.
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