This has happened to 3 of my websites! Help

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So on one of the keywords I want to rank for with a new site of mine, I will begin back-linking slowly (alternating anchor text, of course). I will see my site climb the pages of google. Recently, I got to page 6 for a 10,000 search/month keywords and then (for a while now) just disappeared off the results for this keyword altogether. On page like 17 I can find a random blog post from my site but the main page (the one i really want ranked) is nowhere to be found.

Has anyone had this experience? I REALLY wish I knew how to effectively backlink to a site start to finish so that it got ranked, even with easy keywords I seem to have trouble and I have no idea why.

: / Confused,

- Brandon L
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    So on one of the keywords I want to rank for with a new site of mine

    Looks to me like you answered your own question.
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    Have you checked for your page using a proxy server to access Google? And have you checked it with different versions of Google e.g,, ? Sometimes Google just filters out certain pages for a few days and then, like magic, they return to their pre-filtered spots.
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    It's the same old google dance, they give new websites love for a little while, then dump them... Takes time, and a lot of backlinks, don't give up yet...
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    This is called the Google Dance. The EXACT same thing happened to me several times. Scared the crap outta me.

    What'll happen in a few days is you'll see your site reappear and almost certainly a few spots higher than it did before.

    I would keep doing what you're doing as far as backlinking goes... but DON'T make any changes to your actual site (on-site SEO changes). At least not while you're backlinking. From what I've been told multiple times, this can cause a significant drop in the rankings. Although I can't confirm or deny from personal experience.

    Give it at least a few days and at most a week before starting to worry. I'm sure you're fine.

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    Thanks guys, I know about the Google dance but I want to really do things right on this site and go after a big-time keyword so I guess I'm paranoid. Unfortunately I DID just change my lander's content which could be an issue but I don't think those changes have been noticed by Google yet because my most recent cache of the site is from June 2nd
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    some "big time" keywords can take years to achieve.
    I believe it is not just the amount and quality of the backlinks you have but also the age of these backlinks.

    yes, I am....

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    Give your new site a link from one of your own older established ones.Helps Google know that it's not a complete spam site.

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    add more content related to the keyword
    content is more important than backlinks
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    It's Google Dance for sure.

    Just keep building backlinks and the speed of doing this won't hurt you.
    Also, you don't have to use "vary" anchor text, it's not such a big deal.

    I've been doing backlinking to all of my websites. Most of them are sitting
    on Page 1 of Google - especially the ones I pay attention to - even for
    tough keywords with more than 3 million competing pages.

    Once again, it's the G Dance and as long as you're doing QUALITY backlinks,
    you don't have to worry about it. The site will settle on top in the future...

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    I always recommend using anchor texts in your links because it counts towards your onsite SEO and is very effective at driving traffic to your site. This inturn increases your SERP.

    Also Branlan17, do you ping after building your links? I will advise not to if you do. I only ping id my links are to PR 0 to 3 sites. This is because high PR pages get crawled frequently anyway. And when the spiders crawl them, they will come across our link and crawl your site as well. So pinging after linking to high PR pages is at best duplication of effort. At worst, your site might get penalized and banished to obscurity.
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      Good to hear that. However because your site is new, it could just happen again. From my experience, the Google dance tends to affect new sites that are less than 6 months old.

      Originally Posted by Branlan17 View Post

      You all were right, my site has re-surfaced 2 pages higher than before
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