What traffic, except SEO traffic, is allowed by Adsense ?

by Alminc
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Hi guys,

Is there any kind of traffic that google adsense allows
except the pure organic traffic from search engines?
For example paid advertising, or anything else?

I know they don't allow buying 10000 visitors for $5,
that's garbage, but what real (free/paid) traffic generation
methods are allowed?
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    In my view they allow paid advertising, redirected traffic from hyperlinks, text ads etc. Don't use traffic exchanges to bring traffic to your site
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    Here's my litmus test. If it's real human traffic who are visiting your site for real reasons (get information, buy something, etc.) you should be fine.
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    you just need any way thats natural traffic

    as long as you're not trying to 'cheat' the system then they should be ok with it
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    Any kind of traffic is OK unless your ad-clicks are natural. Never engage in clicking adsense ads yourself or ask anyone to do on your behalf. I've seen lots of people getting there accound banned and never getting any money from Google.
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    My easy answer to this is NOT to send paid traffic to a page with adsense as google may see this as adsense arbitrage that was big a few years ago.

    Many accounts were banned on the adwords side by sending traffic to sites using adsense or even domain parking companies.

    While I haven't heard about too many people getting their Adsense accounts banned they did have their Adwords accounts terminated.

    But since google will be able to see traffic coming from adwords (or any other paid advertising sites) to a page using adsense then why take a chance?

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    Traffic that converts well for Adsense is the one coming from organic search and relevant niche sites like forums, etc.
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