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There been rumors going around for some time that if you submit articles to the websites above and you over promote your offering that your pages or account will be deleted.

I want to use the websites for backlinks so I thought I would come here since I know that there are lots of bright and experienced internet marketers hanging out here.

So my questions do anyone knows the best practices when dealing with these websites that will not get your accounts banned or pages deleted?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Your best bet to avoid this (and yes its true) is to make good content on those sites and not just fill them with links. If the content is unique and your not linking to everything then it will be fine.

    My free PSD logs can be downloaded at PSD Bum. Enjoy!

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      Are you saying that it is best to avoid creating websites on these properties for the purpose of backlinking? What if you include good unique content?
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        Hes saying you can use these sites but make them actual sites with unique articles. Don't just slap up a bunch of links with no content just for the sake of backlinks.
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          Oh no that was never my attention> I just wanted to know what I need to do or not do to give me the best chance of success with the websites. I did not know what they considered a spam site as sometimes these websites can get paranoid.

          So can I put a link on each article? How many links can I include in each article? 1 maybe 2? I do not plan on spamming but at the same time you never know what a website owner will do that is why I am asking.
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    Right--it should look like the site is there for the content and not the links. I think we all know a spamsite when we see one. It should look like a natural, authentic website. It can have a few links just not appear to be a blatant backlinking/promoting site.
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    Have you experienced that situation where your accounts were deleted?
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      The other 3 are pretty ripe for almost anything goes. Maybe.

      But wordpress, now that's a different story. Many people may not know
      this, but the free wordpress account actually forbids a lot of advertising
      that you may be putting on there, including clickbank. Now before you scream
      that you do it all the time, that does not mean it is not against their TOS.
      They have very strict rules and risk being shut down. If you pay for the
      hosting and/or have your own domain, that's a different story.
      Advertising Support -- WordPress.com
      And if you did not know that, well, there ya go.
      You may also be interested in this
      Types of Blogs -- WordPress.com
      This only applies to free wordpress. You can probably go hog wild
      if you have your own domain.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I'll be careful about relying on those sites you posted as a source of backlinks. They will ban your account if you become over promotional in your copy or if you have too many links going out to the wrong places.

    If you are going to place content there, you will more than likely need unique content and also participate in the community so that they will have less of a chance at banning you for being an affiliate marketer.

    Contributing to their community as helps you increase the rankings of your hubpages as well.
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