Does Google Put Paid Ads in Organic Search Results?

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A friend of mind just sent me a link to a Rush Limbaugh transcript in which a John Doe caller showed Rush a specific link that displayed a paid ad at the top of the organic results (according to the caller).

Apparently, Rush's staff and others repeatedly clicked on the ad in an attempt to drain the owners daily budget and were successful in doing so. It did eventually disappear as the top result. The caller said they only do this to the first 2 results.

Frankly, I had no idea Google did this and am still in a little shock after reading it. However, based on Google's activity over the last year or two it doesn't really surprise me. They've been doing some things that don't make a lot of sense to the rest of us. So, maybe it's because they have found more lucrative ways of making money.

I'd like to know if anyone else in the forum has any experience or knowledge of this activity.

"John Doe" On Google Ads

Obviously, I have no ties to Rush Limbaugh or anything to do with this website.
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    It's impossible Google selling its Organic Search Result Ranking.
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    google has had sponsored links for a while now, and they often will show in the first 2 positions above the organic results. this is not new.

    However, the advertsiser will not get charged for bogus clicks - they are pretty good at detecting fraud.


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      Google does not sell organic list rankings. However sponsored results are a very common thing but those aren't considered "organic" and yes it is possible for someone to try to run your daily funds out by click bombing. 99% of the time google will catch click bombers and refund the persons money. This article felt like a right wing scare tactic for those who don't understand how PPC works exactly.
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    The organic results are shown in white. Yellow ads over the top are sponsored ads and they are clearly labelled "sponsored ads."

    This transcript--was it just audio? Did it show any of this happening? What were the links? Was there any proof to what they were saying?
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    Yes. I know the difference between sponsored and organic listings. I'm specifically asking if anyone has knowledge of the information in the link.
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