What is the best way to gain traffic?

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Hello Guys,

I want so many users on my site.For this whether should i buy the traffic or to process with SEO to my site?

Any suggestion accepted.

Thanks in advance.

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    Write 100 articles about your topic that have massive traffic but no competition (because they are not "buy" related keywords). I love this technique as you can easily monetise it in other ways.

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    If its a membership/service site then your best bet for a quick boost would be some kind of pay for referral campaign. If it's an information site, just wait it out, build your content and let google do the rest.
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    Do it right for yourself. SEO always recommended.

    There are no guarantees especially if you are paying someone to do it for you.
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    I would not pay for traffic. Use SEO and article marketing to get content out with back links to your website. Article marketing will produce long term results, but remeber that you have to write many articles. Like DrGuid said start with compiling as many articles as possible if you can write 100 go for it.

    WarriorForum Rocks!

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    Another low post count, another "digital point" question. This is becoming more frequent.
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    the best way to gain traffic is to have multiple sources of traffic.
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    What kind of a site is it, and how are you making money with it? The quality of advice you get here is highly dependent upon the quality of information you provide in your question.

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    Social Bookmarking sites are the best option for getting huge traffic. You can also get traffic by back links which enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts.
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      The best thing you can do is guest blog on strong sites that are in your niche. Why? It builds authority status, funnels instant traffic and it generates strong back links for SEO purposes. You can then proceed to syndicate that given guest blog all over the internet with a link back to your site.
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    I won't ask you to pay for traffic. The best way to get traffic is to build it yourself. It takes time but the result is always effective. Try blogging, article marketing and social networking.
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    Make a viral product or a free service
    {$5 ONLY}750 word article written on your keyword.
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    Perhaps you need a different approach. Your site 'sells' something and you need first to optimize your sales conversion. That's even applicable to adsense sites. PPC traffic is probably the best solution for that.

    After doing that, you know the 'value' of 100 targeted visitors. You can continue to buy PPC traffic or you can explore other traffic sources and see if they are profitable.

    For the majority of us, SEO is the best choice, but it takes time and efforts. If you value your time, you will probably conclude differently.
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      nowadays, Article submission and press release submission are the best SEO technique to get one way back link and quality traffic to your website.
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