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I just started a new blog today im wondering if i put a cpa offer on my blog or clickbank products on it will it effect my ranking on google.will they move me to the bottom of the pile?Also do I have to submitt my blog to google to be picked up by the search engines?
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    I really dont see how adding a offers to your blog can affect your rankings. You should never manually submit your site to search engines because they will then place you in a long queue, instead digg, ping and submit your rss feeds to get indexed.
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    Hi Warren
    You are definitely going to get mixed answers on this one. Some say they never put advertising on a brand new blog right away, while others say they go ahead and add it without any problems. If you are looking for the assurance that your site won't do the "Google Dance", you aren't going to get it.

    You definitely do not need to submit your blog to Google. There are several ways/tips to get a new site indexed ("picked up by the search engines"). What you want to search for (on Google, or this forum for example) are ways to get your site indexed. Things such as bookmarking, social networking (Twitter, Facebook etc), or smaller Web 2.0 sites with content pointing to your main site are all ways to get your site indexed.
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    Hey Warrenj1979,

    In my experiences, I find it best not to put in any affiliate links until the search engines have found your site. I always social bookmark my site when I have it ready to be found; Digg, Reddit and I also tweet it on Twitter.

    As long as your blog is seo'd and you start building quality backlinks to it, affiliate links are not going to hurt the blog, but that's just in my experiences.

    Hope this helps, and best of luck to you!
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      Hi Warren,

      Personally i wouldn't put any affiliate links on a site until it is indexed.

      Another good way to get your site noticed is blog commenting in your niche.
      (don't spam them, add quality content)

      This will create some natural links for you.

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