Anyone here use blog commenting as one of your strategy?

by puti1
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i like to ask if anyone here is using blog commenting as your major strategy to get high PR page with anchor text to your targeted page? If so, whats your comment about using this strategy and its effectiveness?

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    It is very powerful and very easy to do. There a lot of dofollow blogs out there that one can easily find and add your backlink to through proper blog commenting.
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      Don't forget to check out Squidoo and HubPages.

      Many of these pages carry high PR. Just type in a search for tags related to your niche/website. You can usually find a number of lenses and hubs that you can comment on to get some link juice.

      Hope this helps.
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    I put my keywords in google alerts. When I get an alert on a blog I comment on it. I get 10 a day easy.
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    It is a highly effective strategy. Comment on topic related blogs regardless of follow or not - you will get people wandering across to look and they visit you more once they subscribe to the RSS feed and then you get more ranking etc.....
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    It is pretty effective if the blog is in the same industry as yours. This way you are able to direct some of their traffic over to your website as well as getting a link. The best part about it is that it doesn't cost you anything and takes up very little time.
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    Blog commenting is definitely part of my strategy. It has worked well for me especially when I leave comments on websites that have traffic/visitor activity resources. One of the blogs I left a comment on visited my website after he found my link via his Statcounter analytics
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    Blog Commenting is very good and easy to do, but we have to select the blogs which is related to site only and comment as per the blog information, and it should be clear and effective so that we can get results very easily.

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    It is a good strategy - target blogs in your niche for relevant backlinks.

    It is a good way to improve your search engine rankings.
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    Double Post... my bad
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    Yeah this one is my favourite way for link building and I saw the results of this one as well. Just you have to be honest and before putting any comments you must read it full ...

    No webmaster will approve those comments which is eitther no sense or negative impact.
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    I also use blogging in my marketing strategy. It helps me to get top rankings for my sites.
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