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Warriors I have always been wondering, which is the right way to build backlinks.

Should I make backlinks to the page



Which is the best strategy
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    It really does not matter in SEO at all.
    The only thing which matters is to make your choice once and use it consistently.

    PS. I normally do http://www.domain.com
    PS2. Make sure that your pages are available on the version you choose (with www or without www).
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    Go with what your site is set for. If it works with a www prefix, like the other poster said above, it doesn't matter. If you're running a site on WP, for instance, and the www prefix is removed permanently via htaccess (or whatever, it doesn't matter), then link to http://domain.com.

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      Stick to one style, but it should be consistent across all the links of your domain.
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