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I have a website that dropped from PR 3 to PR 0. I didnt know what the problems are. But i think my website dropped because :

1. had link exchange page from other webmasters.
2. had same content with different URL.
3. Too many pages used Pagination.

So.. i made some modifications to my website :

1. using "no follow" tag for unnecessary link such as about us, contact form etc.

2. using "no follow" tag for exchange link page.

3. using "no follow" tag for pagination. I just use "do follow" for first page only.

4. Modify robots.txt to block URL that have same content (avoid duplicate content with different URL in same site/domain).

5. Last but not least (very important)... submit reconsideration of your website inside google webmaster tool.

After waiting for almost 3 days.. then i got my PR3 back
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    thats good work, my site has dropped from a PR4 to a 0! any ideas to get it back? I have a link on a site wide basis on a site not related to mine,prob creates a few thousand links, and a link on a PR8 site/page which is related... have been creating links on blogs...what would you recommend? I can get the 2 first links removed but obviously i dont have a record of the blogs i have commented on as there have been quite a few..
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    Hi there

    It is possible you could have had ur pr zapped for exchanging links as Google could see you as trying to manipulate page rank.

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