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by SeanyG
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Hey guys,

Someone did an interview with me and put it up on their (high PR) blog: http://Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

I would like to link to this interview so that my followers can hear it but I am worried that this might be a "link exchange" in Google's eyes. They linked to me under the interview and now I will be linking back...

I don't want to lose the link juice from this high PR site!

Should I link to the interview?

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    Hi there, in my opinion yes you should link to it. I really doubt this will reduce your link juice but if you want to minimize the risk put the link on a less important page of your website and or blog.
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    If you have fears, just make it 'no follow'.

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    There's editorial merit for the link so it won't hurt you.. and you can always put nofollow on it to so it doesn't pass PR.

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    I agree with Louise. Perhaps instead of just a link without anchor text, you could have the title link to you. This may look more "natural".
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    Don't worry about it harming your SEO. It's only a link - too small a problem to care about it.

    But if you are really concern, a nofollow would do the job.
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    What you gain by offering that to your visitors far outweighs any minimal PR loss. Seriously, this is a no-brainer.
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    Why don't you put the video on your own site? There is no need to link to the other site. As simple as that.
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    i dont think linking to a video on other website is a link exchange... link exchange only happens if the website you are linking with is also linking you back... but if you are afraid of PR then just do what others said, make the link "no-follow" and the Google will not index the link.
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    its good to consider blogs/site whether its do follow or no follow...
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    Yes you can exchange link as it has high PR, it will be beneficial for your website. But for this purpose no follow link is more feasible.
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    Originally Posted by SeanyG View Post

    Should I link to the interview?
    Of course you should. It's a natural promotional/editorial link.

    Some people get so caught up in gaming Google and tweaking this little thing or that little thing and end up screwing themselves somewhere in the process.

    Real 100% legit sites exchange links like this everyday just because they like each other's sites or whatever without any consideration of SEO. Do they get 'penalized' for this entirely natural behavior? No, they do not.

    Now, you can draw a penalty if you go overboard with it using massive unrelated link pages like several real estate agents did a few years ago but few entirely natural two way links won't hurt you at all and will probably even help.
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    No-Follow Really comes for this type of purposes..
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    Yes no-follow works better for your requirement.
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