I Have A Dream, That One Day All Adsense Ads Will Be Treated Equally!

by ellers
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10 Google Adsense ads clicks = only 4 ads that count as clicks:confused:
My banner ad click = .75 but my text link adsense ad = .10 cents

Seems to me there is injustice going on with Google determining which ads deserve more value than other. Can't all clicks just be considered equally!
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    All clicks cannot be equal when Adwords advertisers pay different amounts per click for different keywords.

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      Hi ellers,

      AdSense ads are purchased through an auction and each ad position goes to the highest bidder based on a scoring system that adjusts bid score relative to quality scores. All of the factors are changing in real time and tend to generate a range of CPCs.

      To protect advertisers, Google does not charge for invalid clicks when they are detected. Therefore you should not expect to earn anything for those same invalid clicks on your website.

      If Google were to set a single fixed CPC price for all ads on your website they would need to set that price much lower than you could expect from an auction. The reason image ads pay more is that the advertiser pays for every position available for that particular ad unit. Typically 4 or 5 text ads can be placed in a single unit while an image ad displaces all of those other ads and therefor cost more.
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    use niche those pays well and then you can treat well!!
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