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Hey Guys

It's not often I post in the SEO forum so here's a quick question.

I just Googled one of my important search terms and could immediately see why I was #3 and not #1 in the organic results.

So I made the change to the page.

Should I resubmit it to Google or just wait for them to crawl it again?


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    Google will crawl the page on its own. No need to worry.


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    Yep, Josip pretty much covered that one. The point of submission to google is when you are submitting a domain, not internal pages (but these days even that is not necessary)

    If you want to push the spiders your direction a little faster you might want to do some social bookmarking on sites that are crawled very often like digg, stumbleupon, misterwong, etc. You could also ping them using a site like pingler or pingomatic.

    But regardless the spiders will make there way back and update your info eventually so I wouldn't worry too much.
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    Thanks guys.

    I'll leave it and see what happens.



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