How do I get Google To Include Video Results in SERPS?

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone here know the answer to this. In the new "Universal Google Search" layout, where you have the option for searching different types of media (the vertical navigation menu on the left side of the SERPS), does anyone here know how Google decides what search terms will get video listings included in their "everything" search?

The reason why I ask is because I have a term right now that gets a lot of searches and is not very competitive. I created an SEO optimized video for that term and there are bunch of other videos for that particular term but none of the show up in the "everything" SERP.

Is there some kind of a criteria for that? How does Google decide when to list the video in the main SERP as oppose to only the "video" SERP.

Thank you,

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    Where did you post the videos? Are they at youtube or your site?
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    He videos are on YouTube, metacafe and about 10 different video sharing sites.

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    Make it relevant and popular.. get people watching it, comments, likes, backlinks etc
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I'm currently on vacation & will answer all messages when I return - Happy Holidays!!
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    From my experience its pretty much just like any other way they list stuff; based on KW relevancy. Videos use tags as their KWs.

    Might be kinna had IF Google has already indexed the vids; if you change your tags, that is. But still worth the effort.

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      Hi Peter,

      Is there some kind of a criteria for that?
      For clarity - I think what you're asking is - why do some searches show video results and some don't? And why are some higher than others on a SERPs page?

      I bought a WSO recently which delves into this somewhat. I don't buy many WSOs anymore and when I do I research them a fair bit before buying to make sure that they're likely to be decent.

      I also don't make a habit of recommending stuff here and I don't give testimonials.

      This WSO may help you though -

      I have no connection with Mao except that I bought his WSO and before/after that I have exchanged some PMs with him.

      It would not be right of me to just tell you what he says about it in his product.

      But in case you don't want to buy a WSO just to answer this question, I think I can drop a hint or two without compromising Mao's offer.

      The hint is - Google has an algorithm. It appears to primarily revolve around logic - IE - it makes sense to include videos on/in certain pages/positions when a video is more conducive to solving the searcher's query than when it is not.

      I would guess that Mao gathered his information by paying close attention to what Google does in it's SERPs.

      Hope this helps.

      Roger Davis

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    Let's cut through all the B.S., as long as you have your keyword(s) placed in the title, description and tags (but really all you need is the title) then 99% of the time your video will appear first if it's got the most views, simple as that.
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      It can't hurt to write the description as an SEO optimized mini article just like you would for a blog with your keyword- Title, subheadline, first paragraph, last paragraph, bolded once (if possible) and stuff in to 4-7% density.

      I have heard that even though google owns youtube, that their site the search algorithm is not as sophisticated and you can keyword stuff a little more than you could through the search engine.

      Of course that only really helps you for youtube and not search engines.
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    Try creating a video sitemap and submitting it to webmaster tools. At least thats what SEOmoz was recommending in its latest webinar about promoting your website.

    Creating a Video Sitemap - Webmaster Tools Help

    ^Has information on how to create a video sitemap. Another great article to read is below.

    Why a Video Sitemap MUST be part of your Video Marketing Strategy

    Apparently by creating a sitemap for the video and submitting to google you are greatly increasing your chances of having the video included in the SERPs for the keyword you are targeting. Seems like its worth a shot to me.
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    Thanks guys. Lots of great comments so far. I'll try those out.

    I went to Google to find out about creating a video sitemap. From the first read, it looks greek to me. Does anyone here know of a resource or how to create a video sitemap?

    In a layman terms?


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