How to set up CJ SID's w/ adwords?

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It's been along time since I've done this and I hope I do this correctly the first time cause I have to change quite a few links.

O.K. in adwords you would have something like this:{keyword}

then your affiliate link would have to be like this:{kw}

Is that all there is to it. I feel I'm missing something

The link will be cloaked with a redirect but I'm just wondering if there's anything else I have to do?

I've searched this forum...saw a video on SID @ CJ but it wasn't very helpful

Thanks, Dale
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    if have no idea how the cj sid works, as i do not work inside of cj, however in the first part of your question{keyword}

    i am guessing that is your display URL, if so you are not required to add the keyword after wards, that is your choice.

    A little more confusing is you have used curly brackets indicating a dynamic keyword insertion DKI ? now i am not sure if you meant to do that or not but again this can be done if you wish and is your choice.

    The second part you will need to check how those sid's work but what you have appears correct on the surface.

    The only change that may help is instead of adding a keyword is that you use a number.

    to do this add your keys to an excel spread sheet and then drag numbers down, use the number next to the key as you ID to mask the keyword you are using. this may help in some way protect that key from wandering on line eyes.

    If possible and better still ask your affiliate manager if you can place a tracking code on the conversion page as this makes everything easy to monitor.
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