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Hey everyone I just set up a campaign on google adwords, I done everything right, and still got a quality score of 3! Meaning that most my keywords are not even displaying ads!

I set up a new campaign for this, and sepearted the keyword into a new ad group.

keyword 1
keywording 1

All the keywords are like that either "ing" or the plural version etc so they are all very similar.

I then set up a new page

On that page the keywords are in the title tags, meta description, meta keywords.

Its in the H1 Tag, within the first 50 words on the page and I have used LSI keywords throughout the page.

It doesnt get more reevant than that, yet when I logged in today the QS is at 3 and it says keyword relevant is low! How is that possible?

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can make this better, any help would be great.

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