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thought some of you might find it beneficial. It checks where your site ranks in the SERPS. The free version only works for one site, but you can delete a site after you check it and then check another. It looks like it's pretty accurate to me. If it has been linked before, I apologize...

Download CuteRank Free Edition | CuteRank

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    Thanks, great tool.
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    thanks a lot!
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      You're welcome. I've actually been testing and checking results all morning. I've determined that the tool is very accurate and saves a lot of time trying to figure out where your site is ranked as long as you are in the top 10 pages.
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    Thanks to you Tom and this forum I have
    found some great free tools.
    The paid version for those who have not checked this out is
    29.95 for 5 sites and is a pretty good deal.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    Thanks bro Nice tool.
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    looks like a great tool, I would still rather use a web-based one "Rank Checker" works best for me
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      I like to use Google tool for checking rank but some times it is not working. That's why i think this tool will be helpful.

      Thanks for this tool.
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  • Profile picture of the author ITJobZone.biz
    I am using SEOQuake, which I found preety good.
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    Hello, this is a wonderfull.
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    I was just looking for this one.
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      seomoz google keyword tool seoquake all work great. thanks for this post its also good
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    Hey! It works!
    Do Your Copywriting Skills Suck?

    Let Us Help You Develop Your Writing Skills!

    Submit Guest Posts With [ TheBitBot.Com ]
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    Cool.. I will check this out! thanks.
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    this tool http://www.missinglinkdir.com/tools/ is also great he can check unlimited websites up till position 500 and its free

    does any one know a tool that also give reports?
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    Is this tool accurate than other rank trackers? Anyway, thanks.
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    Thanks for the tip, friend. Sounds like a good way to check on individual site rankings.

    One of the Best Resources for making money online. http://bit.ly/dnsOjO

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    • Profile picture of the author lazysloth
      Been using the pro version for about 1 month now

      well impressed better than some more expensive monthly paid rank checkers

      the support is amazing , just emailed issue to them within 10 minutes replied and issues resolved
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