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Typical SEO prescribes backlinks, keywords, meta tags, H1 and H2 tags, articles, etc, and maybe -- maybe -- someone currently on pg3 will get to pg1 in a few weeks.

2 weeks ago, I registered for Local Business Listings for my wife (no website yet), and the next day, we were in the #2 slot in the maps box on page one. She has a small competitor in the first spot with a beautiful website, and her only other real competitor is on p2, also with a great website.

Again, we have no website -- yet. We're still in the #2 spot, which is fine.

We'll try to optimize her site as we build it, but if it's not up to par, will that affect her Google Local placement?

Regarding local business listings, why would it even be necessary to pursue all the typical SEO steps and tactics if a simple sign up on Google gets you on page one, even without a site?
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    When optimizing Google Local (Map listings) results it's an entirely different ball game. Instead of trying to obtain back links like you do for a website in traditional organic SEO, the way to raise to the #1 spot on the map is to obtain what are called citations.

    Citations are a reference to your business name, address or phone number from a source that Google identifies as providing local information, which solidifies you are who you say you are. It's a way to prove to them that you deserve to outrank the other results. Focus on creating citations on different websites that match the information your Google Local listing uses. This paired with some reviews should raise you to the top in no time.
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      thanks for the citations post, what directories would be best to list with to recieve Local identifications from google the quickest?
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      You have to think like customers would when they are searching for businesses or services like yours. You may show up in Google local for 1 of your targeted keywords but your customers may search for you using other keywords or phrases.

      For example: lets say your wifes business is selling shoes. Customers searching for shoes in your local area will more than likely use keywords or phrases like....
      • womens shoes
      • high heel shoes
      • affordable shoes
      • childrens shoes
      • mens shoes
      • athletic shoes
      • hiking boots
      • womens boots.....& so on. I can easily add 10 more...
      *Google local listings & organic search results should automatically show shoe listings in your's not necessary to put "womens shoes in chicago" automatically geo-targets listings to your can use it, but it's not necessary...
      If your looking outside your local vacinity....then use the geo-location with your keyword.

      Your wifes business may be showing for only one or two of these keywords....if thats the case she is missing a large chunk of potential sales....


      Strong organic search results come into play when there is no google local listings shown.....also when a business targets minimal it gives the searchers more confidence if they see a main page listing along with a local map search results are just as important to a business....

      Hope that helps,

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