what is the cheapest way to get real human visitores ?

by kmh
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what is the cheapest way to get real human visitores ?google adwords is too expensive
what is the best way to get target Geo visitores ?
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    Article marketing, forum back links, blog posting and just plain old SEO to get in the search results. All of which can be done for free.

    Not necessarily in order of inportance and results.

    Tim Pears

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    Getting your site to rank high in Google seems to work best in my experience, unless you have a very popular product that sells offline, and has ads on it for the website that offers special perks. Even then, you'll still get lots of traffic by Google if you rank up there.
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      If you have a good SEO plan then you will not only get high ranking and traffic though organic search but you will also get traffic from article marketing, blog comments etc etc
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    Social Media Marketing word of mouth on steroids!! Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

    Check out my website for complete hands free SEO services: http://riccavalle.com

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    Originally Posted by kmh View Post

    to get real human visitores ?
    Do you know many non-human visitors, except bots ;-)
    SEO is the best and most sustainable way to get really targeted visitors on your sites.
    PPC is a waste of money if you are not an expert.
    SMM and SMO help a lot, but only in short terms (not sustainable)
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    Develop good quality content that people WANT TO READ.

    Then write articles, post on blogs, message boards...create back-links.
    WP Oasis: WordPress Forum and Community

    The web's #1 Disc Golf blog

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    With my latest website I have been trying blog comment posting and have found some very good blogs related to my topic. My traffic has increased quite a bit since doing blog comment posting.
    I wouldn't just use that alone though, you do need good SEO on your site. I also use Twitter and some other social bookmarking sites. I have found with Twitter I've had a couple of people add me to their lists and retweet my posts on this topic to their own followers. I think if you have a good niche and good quality posts, then Twitter can work really well for you.
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      I do not know the cheapest way or anyone else for that matter, because flights cheap prices vary by date,time of day and how you book in advance. You must do your own homework on this.
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    CPV can be as low as .005 per view (half a penny)
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      SEO would be the cheapest and most consistent route but it takes long periods of time.

      You could write top notch content and hope it goes viral

      You could also take a shot at the other cheaper PPC platforms such as 7search.
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    article marketing will be your free way?
    if you just need traffic, traffic exchange will be ok but it has a very bad conversion
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