Adwordsc PPC and Clickbank what are the chances as a newbie

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Just wondering if there is still a way a newbie selling clickbank products could make money using adwords? Or do you think that ship has sailed ?

My husband made decent return a year ago but was stopped by a terrible day where he owed google and did not make a single sale.

This kinda threw him was wondering if it is still a viable option in any form now days?
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    the only real answer to that question is one you answer yourself, your asking if there was a race car that could win races, would it win if I drove it ?

    jump back in the drivers seat, strap in and take a test lap.
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    I think I can answer you this question: It is definately YES and NO!
    I always asked myself the same question, because it's interesting to set up a campaign and let the money flow in on autopilot.
    EVERYBODY told me not do try it because it's impossible...

    But I just took action, registered with an advertising network to get cheap traffic and BOHM; sales came in. This is how my idea for the WSO Clickbank Ultimatum Pro became real. I taught others to do it, and some of them failed, some of them succeed.

    I would tell you: Try it if you have nothing to loose than a few pennies.


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    I guess my question is more do you think conversions are high enough on Clickbank products to justify the added competion and cpc that is on most clickbank products ..

    Are there any people out there that started their first ever campaign in the last 6 month using a clickbank products and are making money
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