Linkvana Users: Articles or Blog Posts for Best Results?

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I am wondering what is the best way to get better results with Linkvana. I know they have introduced their new article sites. How effective are they? How are you guys using linvana for best results. Please share I would really appreciate it.
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    Hey, well also started using Linkvana and I started with Blog posts, simply because I prefer them over Articles and I can implement them in some other blogging sites.

    However, it is not the most effective way thats out there, but it did bring me some traffic to my site...
    If you get quite into Linkvana then I believe it could get effective.
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    I think this is not a free service.
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      Originally Posted by andii72 View Post

      I think this is not a free service.
      No it's not.. I used it a bit when someone was offering to do submissions for me at a price and it seemed effective. I just don't find its worth the $140 + article cost per month for now though...
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        I am not that familiar with linkvana as I know that it is paid but, I have heard that it drives quality links to your site.
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    Been using linkvana now for close to three months, here's what I've noticed -

    It seems to be a good idea to keep a constant trickle of posts going out for your target keywords, I've noticed that if I stop trickling out posts my rankings start to drop over time, or if I target one keyword for a couple weeks and then move onto another the first one starts to fade after time if the backlinks disappear (which some do on Linkvana, I think it's because over time they rotate out sites that are 'compromised' as they say in their docs), however many links will stay too.

    I think that Google, for example, likes to see a constant trickle of new keyword links, rather than batches

    Okay so that was just about the posts - I also like to mix in articles as well, mainly because it's a slightly different style of content and also because you can add up to 3 keyword links in the text. I tend to do articles at the rate of 1 every other day per project.

    I don't use the article portion to submit to Ezine or anything (I just use Ezine's tools for that), I use it to publish to the linkvana network.

    I think the trick with Linkvana, at least from what I have been able to tell from 3 months of use, is to keep the posting frequency as consistent as possible, and consistently push out posts for all keywords you are targeting, that seems to give the most benefit from the system.

    I haven't tried their new bookmarking service, but that looks interesting if budget allows, since it costs extra.

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    The trouble with Linkvana articles is that they all seem to go to the same site which kind of defeats the purpose. I posted 50 or so insurance related articles and when I checked just about all of them landed on the same site.

    Just for the record you can post longer articles on our network and still get the IP diversity.
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