How Can You "Reset" Your Adwords Quality Score?

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I setup an Adwords campaign a few weeks back and all the keywords received a low quality score so the ads are never shown.

The status of most keywords are:

* Keyword relevance: No problems
* Landing page quality: Poor
* Landing page load time: No problems

I think I've fixed the landing page quality, but the low quality score remains. Google in their Adwords FAQ say it takes months for the quality score to update, which is ridiculous. How can I get an update of the quality score or bypass this problem altogether so I can get the campaign running?

I tried deleting the keywords then re-adding them, but the low quality score instantly appears again.
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    I read a post by Lucid recently where he mentioned re setting new ads triggers a new visit from the G and as a result re sets the Q score if the changes have made the grade ?, maybe swing that option and see how you go.


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    What you want to do is plug in the URL of your landing page into the keyword tool. You know that little radio button that lets you input URL's? Use that.

    Only advertise under keywords where Google thinks your lander is relevant.

    If your keyword doesn't appear in the list, then massage your LP until it does show up there.
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      Interesting tip indexphp. I just tried it and a tonne of additional keywords came up.

      Pete, resetting an ad could work. I just read you should always create new ads instead of resetting them not only because your campaign will momentarily stop showing, but your quality score begins over. I'll try this next time.

      I just created an entirely new online campaign and am waiting for the ads to be approved. This may reset the quality score.
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    If your CTR goes up your QS will too. Work on taking a unique angle with your copy to do this. You can create new ads/campaigns but I prefer to grind through the higher click prices to stay with my original campaign. That seems to get rewarded from my experience. I have tons of QS 10 keywords that were once deemed low quality. Rarely do I actually see click prices that are as high as displayed in my account with a lower QS keyword.
    (I'm not in mainstream niches btw so that may have an impact)

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    You have two options:

    1. Wait until the bot visits your landing page to re-evaluate your QS. This happens about every ten days.

    2. Force the bot to visit by creating a new ad.
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