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I have a site on self help and seems like it is not working for me. I hardly get any traffic to it . Any proven methods out there to share? I paid a lot for on tuition fees but not getting the returns.
The best working idea will get free publicity from my network.
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    i think you have to do keyword research first and then use forum postings with your signature link, do blog comments, article submissions, directory submissions. you can also use social bookmarking. by use them you will start getting good traffic.

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      Getting you your traffic...

      You need to first design a capture page, this is a small page, which you use to capture attention, and contact information(Place this page into traffic exchanges).

      You use your free gift to gain their interest, and to display your credibility, and then let the free gift then verify that credibility by delivering value for free. Once you have acheived this you will not only have LOYAL traffic, you will have traffic that spends their money on what you are offering.

      This will also increase your traffic, as you can implement a command in your autoresponder to have their browser redirect them to your desired webpage as a result of clicking the submit button. This will submit their name and email to you, so you are building a list, and you are gaining quality targeted traffic.

      There is alot to cover, but be patient, and DO NOT GIVE UP~!

      Tip: Do not say "Sign up for your free bonus" say something like "Claim your free bonus here", and link that to signing up.

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    self help is a competitive niche, you will need a lot more than 14 backlinks. have you chosen your keyword phrases yet?
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    Organic Traffic is great - as it is free and takes a little bit of effort - just make sure all your tags are in the right spot. Having your keywords in the domain helps a lot.

    Get as many backlinks as possible - relevant ones from blogs and other websites is also a great way to boost your traffic.
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    make some changes in the meta tag if there are some problem. Like putting right keyword and combine your main keywords with title and description also. Use those keywords which are presenet in your page content. Once you set your meta tag properly, you can follow free 1 way link buildign methods, such as forums, blogs, social bookmarking, article submission, dir submission, I think this will help you.
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    First of all you need to key word search then hit at very targeting nichi with good SEO techniques. After establishing site social media, blog link etc helps you to increase traffic.

    Best of luck
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    Let me share with you some proven SEO techniques...

    1. Do extensive keyword research, your target is to find long tail keywords (3 words or more) that have a lot of traffic.
    2. Join the forum in your niche and find more long tail keywords.
    3. Find more theme keywords => You can find more information on my blog.
    4. Group those keywords into articles (2 or 3 keywords per articles).
    5. Create articles for all those keywords, you need at least 100 articles to hit on some good keywords.
    6. Remember to create some related landing page for those articles, you don't want your readers talking about "training the dog to swim" end up on your "dog food page"!

    Use a popup to capture email into autoresponder, use autoresponder to build relationship and sell products, you will be able to "accumulate" your customers this way, even your traffic is not a lot.

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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    A great way to start at least some traffic related to your site is do exactly what you are doing here. Find forums that have topics where individuals are looking for advice (aka self help). Start your grassroots traffic campaign from there.

    Do not advertise your site, but your expertise. People are barraged everyday with websites that claim to help, but the proof is in the pudding. By helping out people you automatically give yourself credibility as a reliable source for this type of advice.

    In return you will begin to see loyal members visiting your site regularly because they trust your advice.

    Word of mouth is a very powerful if not the most powerful marketing tool on the web. My point it is help out a few and the return will be ten fold.


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    Try doing the basic SEO practices such as Directory and article submission, social bookmarking, keyword research, forum posting, blog commenting, etc.. If you don't that much luxury of the time then try outsourcing them..
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    I have finally begun to get some Organic visits after about 3 months of building backlinks and using link exchanges. I am not getting that much and some of the information here should help me build up some more traffic

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    good keywords for easy access in the key.
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    Join forums in your market, learn the problems and solutions, plus all the related special "terms" that used in the market.

    Use those information to do more detail keyword research, use Google suggest and Yahoo Search Assists to find long tail keywords.

    Find the search count in Google and Wordtracker, write articles for the long tail keywords that have some traffic. Remember those count are for reference only, more accurate is Google, but it includes the search traffic from its' partner network, so it will always a bit higher!

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