If my Adsense is ban, will it shutdown my gmail account?

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I am planning to start creating autoblogs through blogger.com, wordpress, and wordpress on my domains...all of which will monetize using adsense and CPA offers.

Now, what are the odds of getting my Adsense account ban...I do not plan to spam my sites nor click on my ads.

Also, if my Adsense account is banned, will it disable my Gmail account as well? I hope not since a lot my Gmail account has a lot of important emails - and I do not want it disable just because my Adsense is disable for some stupid minor reasons.
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    Blogger.com is owned by google so I don't think they will ban you for using that, plus they are the ones who set up the adsense code in your blog. If you don't spam, click on your own adsense links, have have friends click on them or use ad clicking software, the chance of getting banned are slim.

    You will not lose your google gmail account if your adsense is banned, yes it's from the same company but they are two totally different branches of the same company.

    Hope this helps
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    Try and throw in the occasional unique content here and there. If its dupe or nearly dupe content then I'm assuming Google will catch on. I highly doubt there is a likelyhood that your Gmail account will get banned!

    Do autoblogs actually make money?


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