Shopping Carts: Rewrite URL's to be SEO Friendly, or Stick with the Cart's Structure?

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I was building an ecommerce store using Zen Cart and I was looking at the different modules to change the url's to SEO friendly urls. But, I had a question.

Would you guys change the URL's to make them SEO friendly, or just go with them the way they are? Or, are those dynamic url's ok, and maybe I am overthinking this. I am mixed and I am not sure which way to go.

If I go with the SEO friendly URL's and change shopping carts later, I will be able to update the new cart to pont to those url's easier.

What are your thoughts on setting up a new site. I am going with Zen Cart and looking at a using this SEO mod Ceon URI Mapping (SEO), ecommerce shopping cart software by Zen Cart ecommerce solution

But, I was also wondering if this was even needed. Can a shopping cart be SEO'd without looking domain names
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    I would definitely suggest changing to SEO friendly urls immediately - it should be done when the site is initially launched, it's just another way to build more keyword context within your site and pages

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