All you seasoned marketers,(george brown even??) I have a question

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Hi all. How's everyone doing today. Good? Great? Amazing? Well I'm doing fantastic and I hope you are too.

I'm currently attending school for my network administrators degree. I'm also living at home with mom and dad. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, but I crave freedom. I'm hoping to move out by the end of the year, and I'm hoping that Gsniper will allow me to do that. My goal is $2500 a month. I think that's a reasonable sum. Maybe even within 4.5 months.

I built my first gsniper site a few weeks ago and it's been doing the tango with google quite frequently. So, on to my question(s): Is Gsniper really that effective? And if so, what can I do to make my site ditch google as a dance partner and settle down on page 1. Gpower2 suggested more backlinks and I agree with him on that. I've done about 10 links from Angela's august packet. Maybe include more LSI keywords in my content?

I'd be grateful for any and all help. Hugely grateful. Massively grateful. Monumentally grateful. Gargantuan-ly grateful. You get the point

With best regards,
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    I don't know anything about gsniper, but I would say that you need to explore other marketing methods aside from SEO.

    Post on related blogs, forums, etc
    Use press releases
    Find JV partners

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      Originally Posted by MyHub View Post

      Yeah just find how many backlinks your competitor has and beat that number.
      Surely, quality over quantity is the case here. Right?
      Josh Meyer
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      $2500/month is the goal.
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    What the heck is gsniper?
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