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Hey Warriors, I would like to know which Wordpress themes are good with SEO. I think most of you are using Wordpress. Can you please share some themes (only the names) which you use people use?
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    Thesis is one of the best, but it is a premium theme so will cost you. Otherwise just make sure you use a plugin like "all in one seo pack" and you will be fine.

    Good luck

    Lou Macdonald
    Local Internet Marketing Consultant

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    Any theme is good if you download the correct plugins. SEO title tags is a good one, XML sitemaps is also essential.

    My favorite themes are easy to customize with NO coding:

    - SWIFT themes
    - Suffusion
    - BlueSense if you want a click bank type site.
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    The underlying code of a theme is important for both SEO and site-load times.

    Thesis is one of the best, but most other paid (premium) themes are good and have SEO controls built in. Both Genesis and Headway fall into this category.

    I've not used Genesis or Headway, but I've written a bit about Thesis and why the underlying code of a theme is important here:


    WealthyDragon - Earning My Living Online
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    I've had good luck using the Flexibility 2 theme. Haven't really ventured into premium themes yet. Anyone have good recommendations for sites?
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    This article has lots of theme sites at the bottom - both premium and free:


    WealthyDragon - Earning My Living Online
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    Different people have different tastes. You can choose one WP theme just following your needs and tastes. Later, you need to download some WP SEO plugins (such as 'All in One SEO') to make your sites friendly with search engines.
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    A lot of themes hype about having good SEO, but in truth, you can probably get more control over your theme's SEO using a free plugin like SEO Ultimate.

    Other than that, the main thing is how fast/slow the theme loads which is largely determined by images used in the .css, sliders, and how complex the theme is.

    Some other things help like breadcrumb navigation which you can also add from a Yoast plugin.

    On page SEO requires more than just plugins, you have to correctly set up your title tags and internal linking etc.

    No theme will do that for you if you don't know what you're doing. I've seen tons of people that use Thesis but have no clue about how to configure the SEO options themselves and have like 10 million alexa rankings.

    On-page SEO is only maybe 15% of the battle. Most SEO involves quality backlinks.
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    From my No Joke Guide: How to Build Income Earning Websites

    I don't use the default theme. I choose a simple, clean theme with plenty of white space. Don‟t agonize over it. You can always change it later. Log into Wordpress, click Appearance--Add New Themes. Do a search for "seo‟ or "simple‟ or "clean‟. These terms return nice clean themes.

    I like 2-column themes with the content on the left and the navigation (1 column) on the right. Some of my favorites include TwentyTen, simpleX, Fluid Blue, Blass 2, Love the Orange, R775, Plainscape, Dear Diary.... there are literally hundreds of themes too choose from.
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