Do not get visitors as many as Google shows in their Local Search?

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I am not sure do I understand everything clear about it, so I thought maybe you guys can help me.

My site for the main keyw is #1 on G. The local searches Google shows 6000, the webmaster tool as well. So I suppose it would be 6000 divided by 30 (month days) = 200 visitors per day. However, with G. analytics I see that my site visiting only 70 unique visitors per day? My webmaster tool shows Search queries - Impressions - 6,600, Clicks - 1,000. Is this some kind a rule that if google shows some number of searches you will never get all visitors to your site and must be divided by two?

Few times I have tried change the description, but nothing happened.

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas, I really very appreciate it!


P.S. Sorry for English I hope you understand my Question.
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    Ryan Diess recently said that the number one position gets 40-45% of the searches for any allocated term so that would mean you should get around 80 visitors a day so when you say you get 70 uniques a day it's actually not far off what you should be getting.

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      Thank you terryd for your replay, do you know the reason why this happening? Why not let's say 70-80% or even not all 100%?

      40-45% means that I have many unprofitable sites, which have only 1000-2000 local searches, so it would be funny numbers - 16 - 32 unique visitors per day when I achieve google 1 spot.

      Well, in that case, in the future when I pick up the new keyword I must do not admire with the local search numbers. First of all, I must divide them.
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    I know what you mean as I have been targeting niches with a minimum of 3000 exact local keysearches a month as well.

    I don't know exactly why it happens but the break down seems to hold true to my sites as well and Diess has broken this down extensively to get the percentages that he has.

    While I have been looking at around 3000 searches a month I may have to raise this to around 6000 local searches a month as a minimum.

    His breakdown was:

    1. 40-45% of traffic
    2. 11-18%
    3. 7-15%
    4-9. 2%
    10. 3%

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    Just a thought... Are you using the Google Adwords tool, or the Google SK Tool (search based keyword tool)? These often provide very different figures...
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      Hello derekjansen,

      I use: an older version, not a beta.

      Then maybe I should try and Google's Search-based keyword tool.

      By the way, I see that adwords google new and older versions shows different data.
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