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I just found this recently and wanted to give you guys a heads up. Its a firefox addon that greatly enhances your niche keyword research, particularly if you don't have a tool like micro niche finder or market samurai, keyword elite, etc...

You can now view the available exact match domains for a given keyword phrase directly in the GAKT (Google adwords keyword tool) with a free firefox/greasemonkey addon.

Click the image below for details...

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    Thats really cool I was looking for something like that. Thanks!
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    Wow this is excellent and can save me a TON of time, thanks for the heads up. Ahhhh I love all the FF addons
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    Just wanted to give a quick update on this now that the new GAKT interface is active and as we've discussed, much more accurate and dramatically lower search counts...

    It currently only works in the legacy interface, but...

    I've spoken with Oliver Tani, who is the developer of the DomainsByVolume script and he has confirmed that he is working on an update that will make the script compatible with the updated GAKT interface.

    He also assured me, because several people have asked me, that he does not store, cache or obtain any data on your searches using his script. You can actually check the script out yourself, line by line to verify. He comes across as a genuinely nice guy and I trust his word, but I also verified the script for myself.

    He gives the script away free, but if you do click his links for the available domains, he gets a small commission on the sale. He discloses this at his site as well.

    Personally, I use my own affiliate link for domain purchases, but you should know that you have the choice to do either. As I use the script more and more, and once he adds 1and1 to his registrars listing, I will purchase a few domains with his affiliate link and I would encourage anyone using the script to do the same.

    I feel this is a small price to pay to help him continue to improve the script.

    Anyway, based on my conversations with him in recent days, I believe he has big plans for continuing to enhance this tool in the future.
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    Thanks for the update. I really wish we had the option between the new tool and old tool.
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